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Traffic device in Naples for the New Year's Eve 2020

Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples

For the New Year's Eve 2020 in Naples the Municipality has issued an ordinance with a particular traffic device for prohibitions and one-way streets!

On the occasion of the celebrations to welcome the new year to be held in Piazza Plebiscito and on Waterfront of Naples the city issued a special ordinance, with a special traffic device for New Year's Eve 2020.

Here are the ordinances to regulate traffic

From 18.00 pm on December 31st 2019 and until discontinued needs on January 1st 2020:

A) Establishment of the ban on vehicular transit, with the exception of emergency, rescue and law enforcement vehicles:

  • in the roadways of Piazza del Plebiscito in front of the Prefecture and the Commiliter
  • in via Vittorio Emanuele III and via S. Carlo, from the intersection of the branch for the left turn from piazza Municipio to piazza Trieste e Trento
  • in via Solitaria, Piazzetta Salazar, Rampe Paggeria;
  • in via Cesario Console;
  • piazza Santa Maria degli Angeli, via G. Serra, piazza Carolina, via Monte di Dio, via Chiaia;
  • in via Ammiraglio Ferdinando Acton in the stretch between the entrance / exit of the Galleria della Vittoria and via Nazario Sauro;
  • in via Santa Lucia in the section that leads from via Chiatamone to via Partenope;
  • in via Alessandro Dumas father;
  • in via Orsini in the stretch that leads to via Partenope;
  • in Borgo Marinari;
  • in via Nazario Sauro from the confluence with via Lucilio;
  • in via Nardones from the confluence with piazza Trieste and Trento.

B) Suspension:

  • taxi parking in via San Carlo, via Santa Lucia at the confluence with via Partenope and in piazza Carolina;
  • of the track and cycle paths in the sections affected by the events.

C) Institution:

  • of the obligation, for vehicles circulating in via De Cesare, to turn left at the intersection of via Toledo;
  • the one-way traffic in via Toledo from the intersection of via De Cesare to that of via Santa Brigida;
  • the obligation of vehicles circulating in Piazza Carolina to turn left at the intersection of via Chiaia;
  • of the parking ban with forced removal in via Cesario Console, from piazza Plebiscito and up to via Santa Lucia.

It is also established that from 1 am on 2020 January XNUMX, until the needs of the same day cease, in case of need for vehicular and pedestrian safety reasons decided by the local police service, there will be a ban on vehicle transit in via Chiatamone except for the vehicles of the residents going to the driveways, the emergency vehicles , relief and law enforcement agencies.

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