Prohibition of bathing in Naples from the Lungomare in Marechiaro

Marechiaro in Naples
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Update: after the Arpac surveys of 26 July, 5 areas are back for swimming, namely Punta Nera, Capo Posillipo, Posillipo, Donn'Anna and Caracciolo seafront.


The Council of the Municipality of Naples has published a new ordinance is prohibits bathing in the sea of ​​the entire coast of Naples following the findings of the Arpac, which is responsible for analyzing the quality of the water.

Withdrawals were made after heavy rains of recent days that have also affected our city and pollutants have been found that prevent bathing. This means that you can still go to the beach, but only to sunbathe.

According to these data, until further notice we cannot swim in the sea of ​​our things, but excluding the Bay of Trentaremi and Nisida.

The beaches of Naples with a ban on bathing

In the ordinance we read that it is forbidden to bathe in the following places:

  • marine area of ​​Piazza Nazario Sauro
  • Via Partenope area
  • Lungomare Caracciolo
  • Palazzo Donn'Anna area
  • area of ​​Posillipo and Capo Posillipo
  • Punta nera
  • Marechiaro

Waiting for a new communication

Arpac will give one new communication which will indicate the possibility of returning to be able to swim in these areas. For the moment the ban is temporary until a date to be defined.

This event makes us reflect once again on the important impact that i climate changes have on our everyday life and how crucial it is to try to change our lifestyle.

Photo credit: Alexandre Albore (Wikipedia)

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