Prohibition of circulation in Naples from 25 to 27 June 2021


Il City of Naples has prepared the driving ban for 3 days from Friday 25 June to Sunday 27 June 2021 due to exceeding the pollution limits.

Precisely, on Fridays it is not possible to drive from 11.00 to 17.00, while Saturday and Sunday it is not possible to circulate from 8.30 to 18.30.

The motivation, as mentioned, concerns the "exceeding the limit set of 50 μg / m3 for PM10, in at least three control units"In recent days, ie 21 and 22 June which caused an increase in fine particles.

Vehicles that cannot circulate

According to the ordinance of the Municipality, the following vehicles cannot circulate:

  • cars and commercial vehicles Euro 0 and Euro 1, including "vintage" and / or "historic" cars;
  • commercial vehicles with diesel fuel N1, N2 and N3 of category lower than or equal to Euro 3;
  • cars of a category lower than or equal to Euro 3;
  • motor vehicles and mopeds of a category lower than or equal to Euro 1.

The exceptions to the prohibition

instead, notwithstanding the prohibition, the following may circulate:

  • motor vehicles transporting the disabled with significantly reduced walking capacity, in possession of the card;
  • Police forces, the autonomous service / local police / the Municipality of Naples, the Civil Protection, the military, the administration of justice;
  • vehicles of public bodies, companies and companies providing public services and vehicles in emergency call or used for the transport of material and / or personnel assigned to carry out urgent and public utility works and works;
  • vehicles with a doctor on board on a home visit for emergency calls and vehicles with operators in the journalistic and radio and television information sector, as well as professional photographers;
  • vehicles transporting people with serious illnesses that require special treatments;
  • vehicles carrying therapeutic or medicinal gases;
  • cars and buses from public transport companies, taxis and tourist buses;
  • rental vehicles with a capacity of less than 3,5 tonnes, rental motorcycles and mopeds and motor vehicles from driving schools for drills and driving exams bearing the appropriate “driving school” sign;
  • vehicles registered in the name of those residing in Regions other than Campania that transport at least one citizen who is not a resident in Campania;
  • vehicles, but with a capacity of less than 3,5 tons, for the transport of medicines and / or transport of suitably certified urgent and non-postponable medical material, as well as for the transport of valuables;
  • the service cars of career Consuls and honorary Consuls with identification plate / badge;
  • hybrid and electric vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds.
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