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Mara Venier on Domenica In
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Episode number 27 for Sunday In that also for the afternoon of March 17 2024 promises an afternoon full of exciting interviews, incredible face-to-face meetings and unique emotions. Directing everything, as always, is Mara Venier. Who will arrive at the Fabrizio Frizzi studios in Rome? Let's find out together!

Alessandra Mussolini on Domenica In on 17 March 2024

We will start with a bang Sunday In on March 17, 2024. The first interview, in fact, will be the ad Alessandra mussolini. With her we will retrace the main stages of her private and political life and get to know her more closely his new book, entitled “The Game of the Dark” in which, in fact, he talks about the complicated relationship with his family, in particular with his father. The stories relating to aunt Sofia Loren which will occupy a large part of the interview are interesting.

Gabriella Ferri, the moving memory of her children

They have now passed almost 20 years since the death of the great Gabriella Ferri, beloved Roman singer. A few days after this sad anniversary, a Sunday In his memory will be celebrated together with his son Seva who will have a lot to tell about his mother. Also notable is the presence of Syria: the singer will be a guest of Mara Venier together with Pino Strabioli for the new show, currently at the theatre, entitled “Why don't you sing anymore”.

Great music by Mara Venier: Michele Zarrillo and Amedeo Minghi

One of the most loved singer-songwriters in Italy will arrive in the studio to celebrate his tour in some of the most renowned Italian theatres. We are talking about Michele Zarrillo who will talk about his new show, “Five days for 30 years”. It seems like yesterday that Zarrillo arrived at the Sanremo Festival with the song "Five days", but 30 years have already passed. Time flies, this will be one of the key concepts of the interview.

Also Amedeo Minghi will be Sunday In. We will talk about his experience at Long live Rai2, there will be room for many interesting anecdotes and laughs, and we will focus on it on the next album, the first of which is unreleased, Entitled “There's no wind tonight” is scheduled on the main Italian radio stations from Friday 15 March 2024. What a coincidence, then, that exactly 40 years have passed since that success in Sanremo with the song "1950": is this an opportunity to listen to it again? We will see!

Max Giusti and Simona Ventura at Mara Venier

“Undercover Boss” will be the protagonist of an afternoon segment of Sunday In with his handler, Max Giusti, who will also come to the studio to invite everyone to the theater where his show will be held "Bubbles" it is having a good response from the public.

Highly anticipatedinterview with Simona Ventura who, in the last few hours, confirmed his presence at Sunday In on March 17, 2024. It will be a long chat that Mara Venier will have with the woman who was one of the protagonists of the last edition of "Dancing with the Stars" together with his partner, John Terzi, who will be in the studio with her.

The one of Sunday In tomorrow will be, apparently, a special episode and not to be missed! The ingredients for an incredible afternoon are all there! We remind you that, as usual, the appointment is for 14pm on Rai Uno.

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