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Mara Venier on Domenica In
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Sunday In is preparing to return to the air with an episode, the 23rd of the season, which promises to be full of guests and emotions. After the fuss that arose last week, Mara Venier is ready to start again, stronger than ever, but not without having publicly expressed her idea of ​​herself (which we are about to tell you about). We will therefore see which guests will take turns in the Rome studio, on Rai Uno, starting from 14pm on Sunday 00 February 18.

Mara Venier on Instagram after the controversy

Before starting, it seems right to give space to a post that Mara Venier published a few hours ago on Instagram and which clearly refers to the controversy that overwhelmed her after the last episode of February 11, 2024. It is a Bob Marley quote against which the notes of the song stand out Redemption Song.

We briefly remind you of what happened. The words of the Rai CEO Robert Sergio, pro Israel, read during the last episode of Domenica In ha having seen the presenter give her consent to the words of man and therefore appear, to public eyes, favorable to those words, after the fight against genocide had just been discussed on the same stage.

Behavior he has attracted a lot of criticism towards the presenter by viewers to the point that Venier herself had to deactivate comments on her Instagram profile. It is precisely this attitude that Venier he wanted to apologize to his audience and that doesn't mean he won't make some reference to it in the next episode.

Sunday In on February 18th, guests from Sanremo 2024

After the Sanremo event and after the special episode of Sunday In from Sanremo, this week too a good portion of the afternoon with Mara Venier will be occupied by some of the main protagonists of the singing event. The guests who will intervene and, most likely, will make us listen to their respective songs again will be:

  • The Rich and the Poor they will talk about their wonderful experience at the 2024 Festival. For Angelo and Angela it will be a great emotion, and it will certainly be for us too, to retrace the stages of a long career characterized by wonderful stages.
  • Francesco Renga and Nek, a well-matched couple, will also perform the song again "Crazy about you", one of the songs that is enjoying the best success on the radio and in streaming.
  • The Three, with the song “Fragile” which after a not exactly exciting start was among the favorites in the televoting. Also for the young Roman rapper it will be the moment to tell Mara Venier and the public about himself.
  • After the success of "Super heroes" from last year, this year is back with “Two swings” in Sanremo 2024 Mister Rain. He too will re-present his song and reveal interesting anecdotes about his life and career.
  • The musical afternoon of Sunday In will also host the great voice of Gigliola Cinquetti who performed his most famous song right on the Ariston stage, "I'm not old enough" which, 50 years ago, earned her victory.

The best of Italian TV hosted by Mara Venier

After the success it is having Sea Out 4 (broadcast every Wednesday evening on Rai Due), will be some of the protagonists of the cast (Massimiliano Caiazzo, Matthew Paulillo, Carmine Recano, Vincenzo Ferrera, Giacomo Giorgio, Giovanna Sannino) to intervene in the new episode of Domenica In. In this regard, in our dedicated article you will find an incredible spoiler on the ending of Mare Fuori 4.

It will arrive too sympathy of Sabrina Ferilli with whom, in a long interview, we will talk about his latest work "Glory" with which he will return to Rai Uno screens very soon. Together with her Sergio Assisi, another interpreter of the fiction.

For cinema, a few days after its release in Italian cinemas, we will talk about “Tuesday and Friday”, the new drama film directed by Fabrizio Moro and with Edoardo Pesce among the main performers. Both will be present in the studio! We remind you that the film will arrive in cinemas Thursday 29 February 2024.

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