Domenica In, previews and guests of February 25th

Mara Venier on Domenica In

Fans of Sunday In are you ready to enjoy an episode full of emotions? Then sit back in your armchair because the afternoon of February 25 2024 will be ready to give you a thousand twists and turns. Catalyzing the attention of Mara Venier's loyal public will be, in particular, Sylvie Vartan, for which a very delicate moment in his long career. But she won't be the only guest of the afternoon on Rai Uno. Who will be there? Let's find out together with these previews.

Sylvie Vartan great guest on Domenica In on February 25th

Great and highly anticipated guest of Sunday In dated 25 February 2024 Sara Sylvie Vartan. For the singer, who has been away from the Bel Paese for over a decade, it will be the moment to communicate a very important decision for her life. In fact, it will be Mara Venier that the singer and soubrette will communicate about wanting to retire to private life.

Hers will be a long and emotional interview in which there will be a rewind on the beautiful career of the woman, a world icon together with her husband Johnny Hallyday. A goodbye to the scenes which will be celebrated, next November, with a series of highly anticipated concerts that the singer will hold in the city of Paris as she herself announced on Instagram.

Mara Venier's other guests on Sunday 25 February 2024

Although Sylvie Vartan will be the star guest of Sunday In of February 25th, she won't be the only one. Other important well-known TV and entertainment personalities will arrive at the Frizzi studios in Rome by Mara Venier.

  • Massimo giletti will arrive to speak and present his latest work dedicated to the seventieth anniversary of Rai ("The TV is 70“). He will reveal anecdotes, emotions and projects that we will certainly be happy to hear about!
  • After the last experience Festival of Sanremo, Alfa, Maninni e Bnkr44 with Pino D'Angio (with whom he duetted) will come to represent, for this afternoon, the Italian musical panorama.
  • During the last two appointments with "Glory" scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday, they will be in the studio Sabrina Ferilli and Emanuela Grimalda.
  • Margherita Buyfinally, he will open up in a heart-to-heart interview and launch the latest film he directed, entitled "Fly", released in Italian cinemas on February 22, 2024.

That said, the appointment with Sunday In it will be for tomorrow, February 25, 2024, starting at 14:00 pm, live, on Rai Uno.

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