Domenica In, previews and guests of March 31, 2024

Mara Venier on Domenica In

It will be full of emotions Rai Uno's Easter thanks to Mara Venier that with a Sunday In truly special made up of excellent guests and interviews destined to keep us glued to the TV. A truly very rich menu and it couldn't be otherwise since the competition involves the broadcast of the revelation soap of the year, Bitter land. But what will be Venier's winning weapons? Let's find out together!

Gianni Nannini super guest on Domenica on March 30, 2024

Excellent host at Sunday In il March 30 2024. In fact, on Easter afternoon, Rai Uno viewers will experience moments full of emotions together with Gianna Nannini. A highly anticipated presence that Mara Venier has already announced in last week's episode. An interview with her, full of charisma and one of the most powerful voices on the Italian musical scene will give us an incredible boost.

Mara Venier's other guests on Easter Sunday

Although Nannini is one of the most anticipated appearances of the day, she will not be the only one. In fact, there were many guests that will arrive at the studio Fabrizio Frizzi of Rome and will compare themselves with “Aunt Mara” to the benefit of the public and fans. Who are we talking about? Here is the detail:

  • Virginia Raffaele, an impersonator and comedian with undisputed talent, will make us laugh, adding a touch of fun to the afternoon of Domenica In.
  • Antonio Albanian, always in the name of comedy within a special and engaging satire.
  • Curious about what happens behind the scenes in the world of television? Then get ready for a journey behind the scenes thanks to the presence of Franco and Andrew Antonello.
  • Don Mazzi, on Easter day a reflection on the purely religious aspect of this very important holiday could not be missing.
  • Empathetic and full of experiences to share, Nico Acampora will entertain us with an engaging interview.
  • On the occasion of the upcoming debut of Beasts, which will start on Rai Due starting from April 2nd, in studio at Sunday In the journalist will arrive Francesca Fagnani.
  • Sal Da Vinci, for a Sunday once again dedicated to Neapolitan music with songs that have marked the hearts of millions of people and which will certainly move us once again.

These are the ingredients for an Easter full of fun, involvement, laughter and emotions that touch the heart. The appointment with Sunday In, we remember, it is, as always, for tomorrow 31 March 2024, starting at 14pm on Rai Uno.

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