Domenica In, previews and guests of April 7, 2024

Mara Venier on Domenica In

The new episode promises to be full of emotions Sunday In scheduled for April 7 2024. Mara Venier will host some of the most anticipated guests of this season including the beloved Pooh, in the studio to present the next summer tour. But it won't end here! Space for young talents, writers and others protagonist of a fiction debuting on Rai Uno on Monday 8 April. Who is it about? Let's find out together!

Pooh guests at Domenica In on April 7th

Music, as usual, will be a great protagonist also in the new episode of Sunday In scheduled for tomorrow 7 April 2024. To open the afternoon of Rai Uno it will be Pooh, among the most loved bands both nationally and internationally. With them, Mara Venier will talk about summer tour, called “Pooh, friends forever Summer 2024” leaving in a few months with 20 dates around Italy.

It will be a particularly exceptional moment and not to be missed, since it will be an important opportunity to listen again, together, to some of the songs that have made the history of Italian music and for which Pooh are and will always remain imprinted in our hearts.

Comedy and entertainment by Mara Venier on Sunday 7 April 2024

Mara Venier will then host the actor on Domenica In Francesco Paolantoni, a comic actor of Neapolitan origins who will bring all his irony to the studio and with whom we will talk about “The Holy One 2”, a series in which he is the protagonist and currently broadcast on Rai Play.

It will also arrive on Sunday Clare Francini. For the actress, of Florentine origins, a very interesting interview is looming which will focus on the new variety show, arriving starting from April 10th in prime time “Loud and clear”. What will he reveal to us again?

In the role of a writer, ready to talk to Mara Venier about her latest book entitled “To you close so sweet”, will arrive on Sunday In Serena Bortone.

Great Italian music and fiction by Mara Venier

Tomorrow's episode will undoubtedly be an episode of Sunday In full of musical guests. They will arrive, in fact, both LDA that Matteo Paolillo. LDA will launch its new single, paired with Paolillo, entitled “It's not like that".

The wait was also hosted Edoardo Leo, protagonist of the new series, starting on Rai Uno starting from 8 April 2024, entitled "The Clandestine". We will certainly hear some good ones. The appointment, like every week, is for tomorrow, Sunday 7 April 2024, starting at 14pm on Rai Uno.

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