Don Matteo 14: when it starts, previews, cast

Don Matteo 14

Confirmation of the arrival of Don Matthew 14 on the small screen had been given by Maria Pia Admire yourself, director of Rai Fiction, during the press conference on Friday 25 March 2022, but then nothing was known. At least until a few days when it was announced thestart of filming of the fourteenth season for Monday, June 19, 2023. Along with this news, long awaited by the fans, also came the first previews of Don Matteo 14 and the possible release date.

In total the 14th season will consist of 10 episodes.

Don Matteo 14: when does it start

In an interview given on May 26, 2022 to, Mario Rogeri, the script supervisor of Don Matteo, had initially stated that, after a six-month hiatus, they would return to the set at March 2023. The comeback, however, took place with three months late, this to also allow the end of the filming of my brilliant friend 4.

Given this slight delay, it is possible that the airing of Don Matteo 14 will take place in the first half of 2024, namely the March 24 2024.

Don Matteo 14: the first previews

In Don Matthew 14, according to what was revealed by the first advances, you will dig deeper into the past than Don Massimo, the new pastor played by Raoul Bova, which is actually called Matthew Midnight. Cecchini, after the first suspicions, he begins to think that he has a good soul and also believes in his transparency.

Meanwhile the Marshal, due to a misunderstanding of cosmic dimensions, finds himself having to organize his wedding with Elisa. Anna, on the other hand, finds himself experiencing a moment of confusion: Sergio returns, shuffling the cards, and she doesn't know whether to share the future with him and Ines or with brave.

Marco seems to be happy with Valentinabut is it really? Meanwhile, as anticipated, in Don Matthew 14 we will find out more about the past of Don Massimo, why he decided to change his name and why Don Matteo she seems to trust him a lot.

Don Matteo 14: the cast

For now, that's about the cast of Don Matteo 14, the returns of:

  • Raoul Bova: in the role of Don Massimo
  • Maria Chiara Giannetta in the role of Anna Olivieri
  • Maurice Lastrico in the role of Mark Nardi

However, the following remain to be confirmed:

  • Nino Frassica in the role of Marshal Cecchini
  • Natalie Guetta in the role of Natalina
  • Francis Scali in the role of Pippo
  • Pamela Villoresi in the role of Elisa
  • Emma Valenti in the role of Valentina Anceschi
  • Matthias Teruzzi in the role of Federico Limoni
  • Georgia Agatha in the role of Greta Alumni
  • Aurora Menenti in the role of Ines
  • Peter Pulcini in the role ofPinned Ghisoni
  • Dominic Pinelli in the role of Remo Zappavigna
  • Francis Castiglione in the role of Beard
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