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Steven Basalari, partner of Donato De Caprio, published a video on TikTok to express his views condolences and recall their journey together to opening the company.


all united to give you strength. We love you @Donato – With breadcrumbs or without ❤️‍🩹

♬ original sound – Steven Basalari

Donato's response was not long in coming.

What happened?

The neighbor Stefania Russolillo was arrested for the murder of Rosa Gigante, mother of the famous TikToker butcher Donato De Caprio. The motive for the crime seems to be linked to trivial reasons, there are rumors of some thefts but nothing is yet certain.

It was the killer's husband who called the police

Stefania Russolillo's husband Did he call the police suspecting that his wife may have been involved in the murder by Rose Giant. The woman is currently in prison on charges of killing Donato's 72-year-old mother, who was found dead on April 18 in her home in Naples. The body presented signs of violence and partial burns, caused by a attempt to set fire to it.

The motive of the murder: a quarrel and greed

Motive may be related to a rebuke made by Rosa Gigante to Russolillo regarding the mail theft. However, according to the victim's family lawyer, Hilarry Sedu, the murder may have been committed out of greed, thinking that Rosa guarded her son's earnings. At the moment, it is not clear whether Russolillo acted alone or with the help of someone.

The confession and the details of the crime

Stephanie Russolillo made a partial confession, followed by a series of “I don't remember”. The motive, as told by the woman, is linked to futile reasons, such as the theft of mail and other mischief. It is not yet clear which tool he used to kill the 72-year-old.

The Prosecutor of Naples has seized the body for theautopsy examination.

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