Where to see the Miracle of San Gennaro 2024 on TV (May)

A Napoli, miracle of San Gennaro represents one of the most heartfelt and followed events, not only by citizens but also by those who, from afar, connect to witness this extraordinary phenomenon.

Three times a year, the community gathers to observe the blood of the saint changing state from solid to liquid, a moment of profound spirituality and tradition. This miracle not only strengthens the faith of the participants but also attracts the curiosity of many others, who follow it through modern media such as television and the internet, making the event accessible to a global audience.

Where to see the Miracle of San Gennaro in May on TV

It will be possible to follow the May miracle di San Gennaro live on television 4 May 2024. Channel 21 will broadcast all phases of the event starting from 16.30.

The live broadcast will include the procession of the relics that will move from Duomo up to Basilica of Santa Chiara, where the mass. It is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Neapolitan culture and spirituality without leaving the comfort of your home, virtually participating in one of the most iconic moments of the city.

Explanation of the miracle of San Gennaro: tradition and science

Il May miracle commemorates the transfer of relics of San Gennaro da Pozzuoli a Napoli, an event that embodies a tradition rich in history and devotion. Despite its deep rooting in the Catholic faith, the phenomenon has attracted the attention of the scientific community, which seeks to provide rational explanations for the transformation of blood. Researchers have explored several theories, including the possibility of chemical reactions, but no explanation has been definitively accepted. For many, the miracle remains a fascinating mystery, a bridge between the past and the present that continues to define the cultural and spiritual identity of Napoli.

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