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EbbaneSis in concert in Naples at the Sancarluccio Theater: the original Neapolitan duo


At the Sancarluccio Theater in Naples a wonderful EbbaneSis concert: the unmissable event will be broadcast online!

Saturday 20 March 2021 at 21 pm live from Teatro Sancarluccio in Naples there will be the unmissable concert of the Neapolitan duo EbbaneSis. 

Le EbbaneSis, two voices and a guitar, are known to the public for theirs skill in reinterpretations of classic Neapolitan songs, but also to sing famous rock pieces in dialect.

Their immense skill and above all originality led the Neapolitan duo to perform live in Italy, France, Germany, Russia and also in UAE, where in Riyadh, they have been the first two European women to perform on stage for a public performance.

EbbaneSis: the online show

Transleit will be the name of the event that will be performed Viviana Cangiano and Serena Pisa, or the Neapolitan duo, born almost by chance on the web and now known all over the world. The location chosen for this occasion is the Sancarluccio Theater of Naples. 

Given the health situation, you can follow the EbbaneSis safely from home through one online show which will be broadcast on the platform of the Teatro in Rete. To access the site you will need to enter a code that will be sent to you when the ticket purchase procedure is successful.

Information on EbbaneSis concert

When: 20 March 2021

Where: Sancarluccio Theater, Naples

Timetable: 21: 00

Price: € 5

Contacts: Teatro in Rete site

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