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The lunar eclipse at the Capodimonte Observatory the 27 July 2018 with aperitif under the stars

Eclipse of the Moon

Aperitif under the stars admiring the total lunar eclipse of the 27 July 2018 at the Capodimonte Observatory in Naples!

Thelunar eclipse of the 27 July 2018 it will be the longest of the century and l 'Capodimonte Observatory in Naples wants to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful astronomical event using the equipment of its structure.

The Friday evening, in fact, is scheduled a Aperitif under the stars, the sixth of this Neapolitan summer, called "Evening 103". The number indicates the minutes of duration of the eclipse in the maximum totality and, thanks to this event, we can live a fantastic evening. In addition, it will be an unmissable opportunity for observe also Mars, Located in opposition and at the least distance from the Sun.. The red planet is already visible to the naked eye on these summer evenings, but with the telemontists of the Capodimonte Observatory the experience will be even more beautiful.

They will be able to observe also Jupiter and Saturn in the sky, two important protagonists of these nights, and we will also talk about the polar neutrino, essential for the identification of cosmic rays of very high energy.

Program of the evening at the Capodimonte Observatory

  • Roberta Colalillo, researcher of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics - Section of Naples, will talk about the violent universe and cosmic rays with the conversation "A universe of particles"
  • Edgardo Filippone, professor of the University of Naples "Federico II", will be the guide will lead to the discovery of the secrets of the eclipse of the Moon in the presence of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn
  • On the lower terrace we can enjoy an aperitif while admiring the view of the Gulf of Naples and the first phases of the eclipse
  • On the upper terrace, there will be the observations to the telescopes of the phases of totality of the eclipse in collaboration with the Neapolitan Astrophiles Union

Information on the observation of the lunar eclipse

When: 27 July 2018

Where: Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory, ascent Moiariello 16

Timetable: from 20.00

Price: full 10 euro | up to 12 years 6 euro

Info and presale: book the ticket

Inside there is free parking, subject to availability

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