Emma Marrone falls to Le Iene, Belen's reaction (video)

Wednesday, 24/05/2023
Andrew Navarro
Emma and Belen together

A long-awaited meeting between Emma Brown e Belen Rodriguez Hyenas it gave a truly unique moment, so much awaited by the fans.

During Emma's performance, an unexpected series of you stumble led to his fall. But the promptly timely intervention of Belen allowed the artist to lift and to conclude the performance in an impeccable way.

Emma and Belen, a long-awaited hug

At the end of the song, Emma and Belen they embraced and they joked about the falls that happened. Belen, with a touch of irony, commented on Emma's two falls, also recalling her accident in the previous episode. Emma smiled back, noting their ability to fall and get back up.

Reconciliation after the De Martino case

Il past tormented by Emma, Belen e Stephen DeMartino has aroused many controversy in the now distant 2012. The love triangle involving the three characters held court in the gossip newspapers.

La relationship between Stefano and Belen has generated tensions and a alleged treason towards Emma. Since then, a period of coldness characterized the relationship between Emma and Belen, with sporadic digs television.

Visualizza questo post on Instagram

A post shared by Emma Marrone (@real_brown)

Ma today the two artists showed a rapprochement, setting aside past differences. On Instagram, Emma dedicated a post to Belen, quoting a line from his song and announcing theirs return together with the Hyenas. The published photos show a conspiratorial smile between the two.

Image source: instagram profile @real_brown
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