Endless Love, plots of the week from 2 to 6 April

Kemal from Endless Love

After the Easter break, Endless Love will be back on the air, starting today, on Canale 5, starting at 14pm about. The week from 2 to 6 April 2024, among other things, will be characterized by an incredible succession of twists and turns, destined to leave us breathless. Between hostility, conflicts, envy and lies we will see one open up completely new challenge scenario: Emir and Kemal competing for a house. What will happen? Let's find out together, day by day.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Tuesday 2 April 2024

How scary for Ozan and Zeynep? The two ended up at the station, arrested by the police. Kemal will go to retrieve his sister and he will discover the truth about what happened. Zeynep was with Ozan, without a license, on Emir's car. Naturally he will get angry and he will do it even more when he discovers that Nihan recommended him to an agent friend of his. Ozan's father, however, will see to it that his son is released without, however, mentioning the incident to his wife.

Plot of the episode of Wednesday 3 April 2024

Finding out what happened will also shock Nihan who will try to convince Ozan to let go of Zeynep since she is Kemal's sister. She herself, afterwards, he will ask the ex to see a mural in front of him which, in their past, represented a lot. Kemal will go but won't show up: He will stay in the car until Nihan leaves! Plot twist: the house that Nihan and Kemal would have liked to buy years before will be put up for sale again and Nihan will ask Emir to buy it without, of course, confessing the real reason.

Endless Love, plot of the episode of Thursday 4 April 2024

Time of suspicion for Leyla who we have come to know as a thoughtful woman with a very strong intuition. The woman will confess to Kemal her suspicions: according to her Emir's men are spying on him! Doubts confirmed a little later: Kemal himself will catch them in the act and become furious. He will immediately send a message to his rival. Nihan will make his choice: he will abandon his work and studies of Kemal but before leaving he will have a tough discussion. With who?

Plot of the episode of Friday 5 April 2024

Hard times for Nihan in Endless Love. The girl will have one very tough clash with Kemal who will have words of contempt and anger for her. He will accuse her of interfering in her sister's life and will permanently kick her out of the company. Despite the warnings of her sister and her mother, Ozan will not forget Zeynep and, indeed, the the pressure that Emir will put on him will push him to want to see her again. Fortunately, it will be the young woman who distances herself! Furthermore, there are other problems on the way for her: Salih will tell her of having talked about her in the family and of be ready to throw a beautiful engagement party.

Plot of the episode of Saturday 6 April 2024

How many problems in Kemal's family and he will always be the cause of them Tarik! The young man will talk about Zeynep's arrest, which the mother had been kept in the dark about and which, for this reason, will make a scene to the point that Kemal will decide to leave home and be hosted, for a while, by Salih. Even him will find out about the house for sale and decide to buy it. This will open up a further one fight scenario between Emir and Kemal: the first one, in fact, will go into a rage when he discovers that someone has made a higher offer than his! Unexpected proposal for Nihan: What will Asu want from her? We'll find out very soon!

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Facebook @Endless Love
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