Tuesday, 30 October 2012
Nadia Napolitano

Bus Evasion: 7 on 10 do not pay the ticket


L'bus evasion It is one of the main ones sores that afflict the Unico Campania consortium, a company that deals with the management of integrated tariffs in the Campania Region.

According to a survey, Well 7 passenger su 10 travel on the buses lacking to adjust ticket validated, many of which do not even comply with the payment of fines imposed. From January to July 2012, there are more than 55 thousand minutes, with an increase of 2,7% compared to last year.

In clear decrease the sale of subscriptions annual and monthly, and less money in cash for the use of a service still far from perfection (but that requires funds to be able to try to raise their fortunes).

I controllers on board public transport there is no shortage, but this does not affect at all in the extinction of bus evasion. Few of those regularly pay their fines. Only 21% of them are paid within 60 days at a cost of 40 euros. After the deadline, the same rises to 150 euros. In this specific case, only 14% decide it is time to settle their debt. Everything else remains unpaid.

Bus evasion is confirmed at very high levels: fines not collected, declining season tickets, tickets never purchased. The situation really is degenerating.

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