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Events in Naples during the weekend from 28 to 30 July 2017 | 16 tips

Events in Naples weekend from 28 to 30 July 2017

In the weekend from 28 to 30 July 2017 in Naples you can participate in many cultural events and screenings in outdoor cinemas!

Over the weekend from 28 to 30 July 2017 in Naples another summer month will end with so many exceptional events: exhibitions, evening visits, outdoor cinema and boat trip.

Our land, so rich in suggestive places offers some evening visits at a popular price. You can take advantage of it for visit the Temples of Paestum and the excavations of Herculaneum.

If you like to learn new culinary techniques, we recommend a visit to the Solfatara where you will taste the geothermal cuisine.

Those who love the beauty of details can not but admire the work "The man who measures the clouds"Exhibited on the roof of the Mother Museum.

For a relaxing evening, however, you can choose between several outdoor cinemas, like the Drive in to Pozzuoli and summer music festivals, such as the Sant'Elmo Estate.

For more information read the details of the events.

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Cultural events

The man who measures the clouds

The man who measures the clouds

The man who measures the clouds is the evocative sculpture of contemporary art on the roof of the Madre Museum in Naples!

Al Mother Museum di Naples il June 29 2017 the installation of a new contemporary art work will be inaugurated and will be open to visitors until December 19. It is aboutMan measuring the clouds, created by the Belgian artist Jan Fabre and inserted as part of "Per_formare una collezione, the project of training in progress of the museum's collection".

Information on The Man Measuring the Clouds:

Where: Mother Museum, Naples
Openings during the weekend:
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • full: 7€
  • Reduced: 3.50€
  • Reduced booked groups: 4€
  • Every Monday: FOR FREE

Royal Palace of Caserta evening openings

Extraordinary evening openings begin with a ticket to 1 euro in the beautiful Royal Palace of Caserta!

Friday June 23 2017 will begin evening openings extraordinary works of the Royal Palace of Caserta, with admission ticket only 1 €. The other appointments will be 29 June, 8, 15, 21, 28 July, 4 August e 2, 9, 16, 17, 22 September.

Information on Reggia di Caserta evening openings:


Paestum at night: evening visits

In the review Musica ai Templi in Paestum there will be concerts and evening shows, but also suggestive visits at night!

From the 30 June Until 15 September 2017 the event returns Music at the Temples in Paestum, in the province of Salerno, which also includes evening visits in the beautiful archaeological park.

Information on Paestum at night:


Herculaneum at night at 2 euro

Excavations of Herculaneum open at night at 2 euro

The Excavations of Herculaneum are scheduled evening visits to 2 euro for the whole 2017 summer!

Even the Excavations of Herculaneum they will be open at night, as well as for the initiative of Pompeii by Night e Music at the Temples of Paestum in the context of Campania by Night, and at a special price of only 2 euro.

Information on Herculaneum at night at 2 euro:

Where: Excavations of Herculaneum
Openings during the weekend:
  • Friday
  • Entrance: 2€

Show Chagall at Villa Fiorentino

An exhibition on Chagall with more than 100 works and some of its most iconic paintings will be held at Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento.

From the 15 July to the 15 November 2017 there will be one exhibition of works by Marc Chagall a Sorrento. The exhibition will take place in the setting of Villa Fiorentino which will propose in its ten rooms more than 100 works of the French national Belarusian artist.

Information about Mostra Chagall at Villa Fiorentino:

Where: Villa Fiorentino, Sorrento (Naples)
Openings during the weekend:
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • full: 5€
  • Reduced: 3€

Evening visit to the Solfatara

During the 2017 summer you can take part in the evening guided tours of the Solfatare with geothermal cooking, experiments and stories for children!

Also for thesummer 2017 you can make interesting evening guided tours at Solfatara volcano, in Pozzuoli, to live in an alternative way this very fascinating place.

Information about evening visit to the Solfatara:


Chills in the summer

Shows and dinners with crime at the Chisci d'Estate 2017 review at the Botanical Garden of Naples!

The exhibition has already started and will last until the 6 2017 Chills in the summer ALLBotanical Garden of Naples.

Information about Summer chills:


Klimt Experience evening opening

Klimt Experience Royal Palace of Caserta

Evening visits to the exhibition Klimt Experience at the Royal Palace of Caserta, a multimedia and immersive experience not to be missed!

On the occasion ofevening opening of the Royal Palace of Caserta, Friday July 28 2017 also the exhibition Klimt Experience, hosted by the Royal Residence, will carry out anight opening.

Information on Klimt Experience evening opening:


Evening visits with an aperitif to the Catacombs of San Gennaro

Aperivisita returns, the initiative with evening guided tours to the Catacombs of San Gennaro in Naples accompanied by an aperitif!

Also this year there will be the beautiful evening guided tours with aperitif at Catacombs of San Gennaro that will last for much of the summer and start on Saturday July 29 2017 repeating every Saturday until September 30.

Information on evening visits with an aperitif at the Catacombs of San Gennaro:


Outdoor cinema

Outdoor cinema at the Parco del Poggio

Parco del Poggio, 2017 outdoor cinema for the summer

The complete program of films for outdoor cinema at the Parco del Poggio in Naples during the 2017 Summer!

The review of outdoor cinema at Park of the Poggio in Naples also for the 2017 summer and for this year it will be edited by Hart srl It is included in the summer program of events Le Spalle di Totò.

Information on outdoor cinema at the Parco del Poggio:


Drive in to Pozzuoli

The Drive in di Pozzuoli is open to welcome the summer film festival. Everyone, even in the rain, he will be able to watch a film while sitting in his car. Every weekend you will find some excellent films among the most recent and the most requested. Drive in will provide a free car radio for the duration of the film.

Information about Drive in Pozzuoli:


Outdoor cinema around Vesuvius

Here comes the Cinema exhibition around the Vesuvius 2017 in the Arena of San Giorgio a Cremano with two months of outdoor film!

This year the traditional appointment with the open-air cinema of the Cinema review around Vesuvius will take place inArena of Villa Bruno in San Giorgio a Cremano and no longer in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio.

Information about outdoor cinema around Vesuvius:


Outdoor cinema at the Portici

The 2017 Fresko Film arrives at Villa Savonarola in Portici with a rich outdoor cinema program for the summer!

The 2017 summer is enriched by initiatives that include outdoor movie and also the municipality of arcade proposes a program of cinema under the stars called Fresko Film.

Information about Open-air cinema at the Portici:



Sant'Elmo Summer 2017

At the Sant'Elmo Summer exhibition 2017 in Naples concerts of great artists including pop, jazz and rock.

From July 7 2017 the tenth edition of the music festival will take place Sant'Elmo Estate which, like every year, will have the Piazza D'Armi of Castel S.Elmo in Naples.

Information about Sant'Elmo Estate 2017:


Pomigliano Jazz in Campania 2017

Great music for the region: Pomigliano Jazz arrives in Campania 2017 between excellent jazz and pearls of the territory.

27 from July to August 6 2017, the great jazz music arrives in Campania with the XXII edition of the Pomigliano Jazz in , with the usual itinerant formula that starting from Pomigliano D'Arco, a city that has given birth to one of the most important jazz festivals in the south, will touch various municipalities of the Vesuvian and the upper Nola.

Information about Pomigliano Jazz in Campania 2017:


Other events

Batò Naples

Batò Naples to Naples, boat to admire the coast from the sea

The Batò Naples is the boat that, for the summer 2018, will take us on a sea tour to Naples along the coast from Mergellina to Posillipo!

For all the2018 summer in Naples return the boat to admire the city from the sea Batò Naples.

Information on Batò Naples:


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