The most interesting events in Naples include concerts, films at the cinema, festivals in the city and Campania, festivals and cultural events.

Thanks to the Neapolitan Amateur Astronomers Union, we discover the story of the flight of Gagarin, the first man to fly into Space in 196 ...

In the beautiful Palazzo Fondi in Naples, the special exhibition dedicated to Frida Kahlo: unpublished drawings and a 10D film are scheduled!

A special photographic exhibition entitled "The unveiled beauty" and dedicated to tourism will be held in Vico Equense!

The Coldiretti agri-food markets return to Naples: here are the appointments for the month of April 2021!

Dinner in the Sky arrives in Benevento, for a romantic dinner suspended 50 meters high!

A special virtual visit to the beautiful Capodimonte Museum in Naples to admire some works from the exhibition dedicated to Luca Gi ...

Unmissable appointment with the special concert for Easter Monday on Rai 2 with Eugenio Bennato, Barra, Sal Da Vinci and many other ar ...

We observe stars, Constellations, the Moon and Mars from the comfort of home to celebrate Easter in a fascinating way!

Easter and Easter Monday 2021 times in Naples for metro line 1, Funiculars and ANM buses.