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Free health and prevention

All the free events in Naples on health and prevention in the Campania region.

In Naples, a great news: the first HIV and Syphilis check point in Southern Italy opens, with quick, anonymous and free tests!

At the Vanvitelli Polyclinic medical examinations and free exams for all women on the occasion of the Open Week in Naples!

Fundraising started from Naples to support Cotugno, Monaldi and COT in times of greatest need ...

The red area extends to all of Italy, the country becomes a protected area. Here are all the updated provisions.

Also in Naples there are the closure of places for body care, such as swimming pools, spas and gyms.

News in Naples for Coronavirus: tested a drug for rheumatoid arthritis, improvements in one of the patients!

The Italian government has specified the rules to be implemented and followed to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 virus, here are what they are.

To better manage coronavirus prevention in Naples, triage tents have been set up in front of Cardarelli and others ...

The Campania Region Quarantine plan is ready to limit the infection with Coronavirus.