Reviews of the Throne of Festivals

October 21, 2019
Autumn Fest 2019, Mugnano del Cardinale - The Review of The Throne of Festivals

In a "vicariello" set up like a nativity scene, an initiative of very young people from Mugnano continues to grow [...]

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October 13, 2019
VendemmiaFest 2019 in Castelfranci, the review of Il Trono di Sagre

In Castelfranci they have so much of that wine that even flows spontaneously from the barrels! We de [...]

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28 September 2019
2019 wild boar festival in Dugenta, the review of Il Trono di Sagre

In Dugenta the children of a man who dreamed of abundant tables of excellent wild boar for [...]

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August 31 2019
Feast of roast suckling pig and lagane and chickpeas 2019 in Montecorvino Rovella, the review of Il Trono di Sagre

A custom of a previous generation is brought back to life in Macchia di Montecorvino, on the occasion [...]

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August 26 2019
Festa della Zizzona of Battipaglia 2019, the review of Il Trono di Sagre

One of the most popular products of the Piana del Sele and Campania comes from Battipaglia, [...]

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August 23 2019
Festa del Fico Bianco 2019 in Giungano, the review of Il Trono di Sagre

We were invited to the Cilento White Fig Festival, in Giungano we absolutely couldn't [...]

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