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Eviction for Police and Firefighters: years of unpaid rents

Naples - Coming from the province of Naples three new procedures of evicted for the Ministry of Interior once again turned out to be moroso for hundreds of thousands of euros of unpaid rents.

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At the last junta meeting of the Province it was decided to continue with the evicted for a police station and two fire brigade barracks located in Naples and Castellammare di Stabia.

A decision not new to the provincial government, already in the past, for other buildings such as the Naples police station, had promoted the evicted then never performed as they came agreements on payments.

The conclusive objective is not the executive eviction in itself but to be able to perceive the backlog on rents so as to regularize, or at least take a step towards regularization, an institution already currently burdened by a heavy situation financial and that threatens to suffer heavy cuts from the government.

One of the three properties, for example, is the commissariat police station currently leased at via Poggioreale 430.evict firemen

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