FAI Spring Days 2023, places in Naples and Campania

Thursday, 16/03/2023
Andrew Navarro

Le FAI Spring, the most important event dedicated to the enhancement of . cultural and Italian landscape, the And March 25 26 2023. It is a manifestation that has now come to its own 31 edition which allows you to discover and appreciate exceptional artistic and natural treasures of his own region and of the rest of Italy.

In total we have approx 750 locations in 400 Italian cities which will open their doors to the public. Most of these sites are usually inaccessible or little known, making the event a unique occasion.

The program of visits to Campania

Openings in Naples

  • North Naples Court Aragonese Castle, Aversa, Caserta
  • Fusaro columbarium, Bacoli, Naples
  • Real Vesuvius Observatory, Herculaneum, Naples
  • Cuman Amphitheater, Bacoli, Naples
  • The Rosary, Anacapri, Naples
  • Bay of Ieranto, Massa Lubrense, Naples
  • Academy of Fine Arts, Naples
  • Colosimo Institute, Naples
  • Hotel San Francesco al Monte, Naples
  • Villa of Livia, Pozzuoli, Naples
  • Antonino Pio Stadium, Pozzuoli, Naples
  • Palazzo Salerno, Naples
  • fescina, Quarto, Naples
  • Roman Villa of the Baths of Queen Giovanna, Sorrento, Naples
  • Vigna di San Martino, Naples
  • Villa Rosebery - Bourbon Park and Palazzina, Naples
  • Villa Albertini, Nola, Naples
  • Church of S. Francesco and S. Antonio, Pozzuoli, Naples
  • Giusso Castle, Vico Equense, Naples
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The openings in Caserta

  • Cathedral of S. Paolo, Aversa, Caserta
  • Seminary Palace, Aversa, Caserta
  • Gaudioso Palace, Aversa, Caserta
  • North Naples Court Aragonese Castle, Aversa, Caserta
  • Ducal Palace, Mondragone, Caserta
  • Ferrarelle Springs Park in Riardo, Riardo, Caserta
  • Church of S. Agostino, Aversa, Caserta
  • Real Vaccheria and Tempietto del SS. Sacrament, Caserta
  • Church of San Michele Arcangelo Extra Moenia, Mondragone, Caserta
  • San Mauro church, Mondragone, Caserta
  • Archaeological Area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe Appia Antica, Mondragone, Caserta
  • Tarcagnota Palace, Mondragone, Caserta
  • Minor Basilica of SS. Maria Incaldana, Mondragone, Caserta
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Ferrarelle Springs Park in Riardo

Among the openings more import anti we cannot fail to underline the Ferrarelle Springs Park in Riardo, a place dedicated to the conservation of valuable buildings and the care of vegetation and agriculture. This park is also the source of effervescent water ferrarelle. And it is here that Ferrarelle founded an organic farm called Masseria delle Sorgenti.

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La Masseria delle Sorgenti is located in the historical Masseria Mozzi, which dates back to the medieval period. In the past, these lands belonging to the Monks Benedictines of the Ferrara Abbey were a cool summer retreat and contained fertile, mineral-rich soils for agriculture. The monks called these places "Le Ferrarelle" because of the volcanic springs in the area.

Openings in Salerno

  • Palace of the Prefecture, Salerno
  • Villa La Rondinaia, the private retreat of the writer Gore Vidal, Ravello, Salerno
  • Convent complex of San Michele, headquarters of the Carisal Foundation, Salerno
  • Convent of San Nicola of Palma, headquarters of the EBRIS Foundation, Salerno
  • Convent of Sant'Agostino, headquarters of the Province of Salerno, Salerno
  • Pedace Palace Cultural Hall, FAI headquarters: photographic exhibition by Corradino Pellecchia and Francesco Siano, Salerno
  • Palazzo Mainenti, headquarters of the Cilento National Park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni, Vallo della Lucania, Salerno
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Openings in Avellino

  • Village of Fontanarosa, Fontanarosa, Avellino
  • Village of Gesualdo, Gesualdo, Avellino
  • Pedace Palace Cultural Hall, FAI headquarters: photographic exhibition by Corradino Pellecchia and Francesco Siano, Salerno

Openings in Benevento

  • From Airola to Caserta: The waters of the Reggia, Airola, Benevento
  • Church of Santa Teresa, Benevento
  • Vanvitelli visits Palazzo De Simone, Benevento

How much do the visits cost?

Il FAI website makes available the cards of each single location and any prices are highlighted within them contributions for that specific visit. Most of the time just be members FAI, in others it may be price quotation and in still others a contribution.

Contacts and information

Information about the event

  • Where: various places in Campania
  • When: from Saturday 25 March 2023 to Sunday 26 March 2023
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