Fake Show by Max Giusti, previews and guests of September 18th

fake show September 18th

Rai2 seems ready to hit the mark with her new program, “Fake Show – Beware of Imitations”. But what is it?

Fake Show is a real stage for high level imitations and performance art a unique blend of talent, technology and entertainment. Max Giusti, the charismatic host, directs a stellar cast of impersonators and special guests in a series of segments and tests that aim to offer both entertainment and reflection on the art of imitations.

How is Fake Show made and how does it work?

The first episode of September 18th of “Fake Show” offers a wide range of segments and tests.

Spectacular moments will alternate with sessions in which the talents of some of the best Italian imitators.

Among the tests that will keep viewers glued to the screen, we find the “Artificial Reality”, a trial that uses Artificial Intelligence to animate it studio, while testing it “Do you hear this voice” challenges guests to recognize the voices of famous singers.

In addition, the program will also feature segments like “FakeStar” and “Fakenomeni”, who will showcase a range of talents in impersonations and eccentric performances.

Who are the guests of the first episode of Fake Show on September 18th

In the debut episode, the program will see the participation of numerous well-known faces from the Italian scene, each with their own peculiarities and talents.

Among guests:

  • Frances Manzini: known for her skills as an impersonator, she will be a regular presence on the program.
  • Claudius Lauratta: another pillar of the program, known for his imitations of famous people.
  • Philip Bisciglia: Known for his television career.
  • Rossella Brescia: dancer and television presenter.
  • Valeria Grace: comedian and actress.
  • Peppe Iodice: comedian and actor.
  • Luca and Andrea from Panpers: Comedy duo known for their performances.

How and where to watch Fake Show on TV and Streaming

“Fake Show – Beware of imitations” will be broadcast in prime time on Rai2 pm 21.20 starting from September 18th. For those who prefer viewing in streaming, it will be possible to follow it through the online platform RaiPlay.

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