Max Giusti's Fake Show, how many episodes there are and when it ends

Monday, 18/09/2023
Beatrice Deon
Fake Show Beware of imitations

Fake Show – Be wary of imitations is the new program, broadcast on Rai 2 and conducted by Max Giusti and represents a turning point in the way of conceiving the comedy genre and entertainment.

Not just imitations of famous people, but an intriguing one variety of tests ranging from sounds to dances, from noises to objects. Everything is made even more unpredictable by the presence of an element of Artificial intelligence, which interacts with participants and the public, generating unexpected situations.

But what really makes “Fake Show” a television proposition not to be missed?

What Fake Show is about

“Fake Show” is a program of Entertainment which celebrates the world of imitations in all its facets. It's not just a matter of reproduce the voices and movements of well-known characters, but it is a broader and more creative context.

At the center of the stage there is a mixture of individual, couple and group tests which present guests with various types of challenges: from imitations of sounds and objects, up to dance and much more.

If we add to this the fact that various tests will be provided by aArtificial intelligence, we get a program that will keep us glued to the screen.

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Who hosts Fake Show

The conductor Max Giusti is accompanied by the talents of Francesca Manzini and Claudio Lauretta, and the trio manages to create an extremely dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Righteous, known for his comedic streak and his imitation ability, leads the program with a distinctive style that promises to make each episode unforgettable.

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When Fake Show comes out

The program debuts on September 18th pm 21.20 and it will be broadcast every Monday in the early evening on Rai 2, becoming a permanent fixture for fans of quality entertainment.

How many episodes are Fake Shows

There will be five episodes planned for this first edition of “Fake Show”, each of which promises to offer an eclectic cast of guests and moments of pure entertainment. Here is the schedule:

  1. First episode: Monday 18 September at 21.20pm
  2. Second episode: Monday 25 September at 21.20pm
  3. Third episode: Monday 2 October at 21.20pm
  4. Fourth episode: Monday 9 October at 21.20pm
  5. Fifth episode: Monday 16 October at 21.20pm

When Fake Show ends

Being a program composed of five episodes with starting September 18th and a weekly cadence, it is presumable that the series will end within five weeks of its debut, precisely Monday 16th October.

Where to see Fake Show

The appointment with “Fake Show – Beware of imitations” it's Monday 18 September at 21.20 su Rai 2, in prime time. Alternatively it will always be possible to view it in streaming: it is in fact available on RaiPlay.

Image source: Instagram profile Max Giusti @maxgiustiofficial
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