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Festa del Fico Bianco 2019 in Giungano, the review of Il Trono di Sagre

Review Festa del Fico Bianco, cover

We were invited to the Festa del Fico Bianco del Cilento, in Giungano we couldn't miss it!

When an invitation comes from the Fico Bianco Cilentano party, it doesn't matter in which region you are, put on your flip-flops, let go for a moment those struscati with crusco (also because you were at the third portion) and you go back to Campania, you load a Corvo (vice-admin from festival of excellence) to the flight and parts, destination? Giungano. Once again Giungano.

The Throne of Festivals is staged to tell you about one of the most delicious first-fruits of our Cilento land. From the same organization that punctually brings the tasty pizzas of the ancient Cilento on the axis, here is a second event that from year to year is becoming more and more popular, there Festa del Fico White.

We have now reached the 5 ° edition and the recall and the influx of people is from a well-established festival.

The new edition of the festival

Lucio explains all the available, busy here and there to check that everything runs smoothly, in fact there is much to keep an eye on, besides the box for the inevitable local folk there are many and different food stands, a particularity that now it belongs to Giungano.

Lucio explains that they have moved to the hamlet of San Giuseppe, from the initial historic center of Giungano, mainly due to space.
undoubtedly there is not a row that is one, each booth is extremely fluid, you are immediately served, but the flicker of an alley behind which to discover some delicacy, the shelter of a niche in bricks in which to hide for a moment from the crowd consoled by a percoca in the wine or in general the desire to look around to discover this or that historical nod that unites papping pleasure also with discovery.

We who have always been orphans of the historic center know this well.

It is however all part of technical tests, Lucio explains to us that the mentality is the same as the most noble cousin festival and also the Fico Bianco has strong ambitions, but it must grow.
It gives us a disproportionate amount of tickets and places the honor and burden of tasting everything.
But absolutely everything.

Stands and dishes

Unleashed between the stands we immediately take a plate of appetizers, as well as being beautiful to the eye they are certainly pleasant for how they are conceived: accompanying small white figs with cheeses and cold cuts creates an intuitive contrast that excites the palate.
Thus all dishes are conceived, with the constant presence of figs.

And so on cavatelli, the right portion that enhances the sweetness of the fig, and therefore if you are a pasta lover who leaves a velvety sense of sweet, so sweet, you are in the right place.
We proceed with the potatoes sautéed with the broccoli (green peppers!) Which are to be accompanied categorically with a large slice of bread to welcome all the grease with courtesy.
And yet it stew, with features of Eastern Europe, reminiscent of sweet and sour mixes based on meats and spices typical of the area, it is soft, slowly cooked, and still has the typical sweet aftertaste of the whole evening.

In short, if it was not clear so far figs are everywhere, which is something I admire for consistency.

If it's the fig tree party then the fig tree must be in every dish.

Clearly, such a typical taste should be carefully managed, you will hardly be able to complete the set of flavors from appetizers to desserts, just because the fig tree is very intrusive in the long run.

In conclusion

My advice is usually to share everything with someone, or at least to go without fail with what you like having parsimony of the stack of tickets-figs that tends to run out very quickly between the cost of this or that dish!

In this regard I appreciated the cheese made on the plate and accompanied by figs again, while Corvo, who is an exclusive lover of hanged cheese did not appreciate.

But it's probably one of the dishes that will give you the idea of ​​what you're going to try for the rest of the evening without affecting your palate too much, ditto the sweet fried pizza.

The mousse and the fig babà are sweeter than the dessert, of which I appreciated the size and the fig sorbet enjoyed with pleasure by the pretentious Corvo.

Surely as a vastness of menu and to my say also of quality of the same the party is already decidedly well put, once that they will have taken care of entertainment and district we will be able to enjoy a double Giungano summer.
Excellent, isn't it?

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