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Federico II of Naples celebrates Dante: here are events and narrations

Dante Alighieri

The University of Naples Federico II celebrates the great Dante Alighieri: here are the scheduled events and narratives!

March 25, 2021 theUniversity of Naples Federico II celebrates the Tuesday, or the day dedicated to the great Dante Alighieri. A celebration established only last year by the Italian government in view of the 700 years from the death of the great Italian poet.

Federico II for the occasion it organized two interesting initiatives: Re-done Dante e The story of the otherworldly journey in 7 days.

It will be a special occasion to discover how a classic of literature, the wonderful Divine Comedy, is still so present, even after centuries and how it continues to profoundly influence the current artistic production.

The initiatives for Monday

During the initiative Re-doneDante - In the jungle of new media short videos will be proposed which are nothing more than conversations between researchers from the Federico II Department of Humanities with experts in new media and with artists including rappers Murubutu and Claver Gold the draftsman Marcello Toninelli and others, who have given life to works inspired by the Divine Comedy. The videos will be available on the University portal.

The second initiative The story of the otherworldly journey in 7 days will propose a series of narratives on the seven days of Dante's journey, edited by the research group of Illuminated Dante Project. The first video will be available on 25 March on the University portal, the other videos will also be published day by day on the official website of the review.

Information on Dantedì

When: 25 March 2021

Price: free

Contacts: Federico II University portal | official site review

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