Festa a Vico 2024, the event between food and "feelings" returns

Feast in Vico, created by the chef Gennaro Esposito, celebrates the culinary culture of Vico Equense from 10 to 12 June 2024. An event dedicated to solidarity, each evening is dedicated to supporting various charitable causes, combining the passion for food with that for social issues.

Through conferences, tastings and gala dinners, Festa a Vico becomes a crossroads where gastronomy enthusiasts meet to explore and appreciate culinary excellence, while supporting humanitarian initiatives.

the tastings

Festa a Vico's culinary offering ranges from classic Italian cuisine to modern interpretations created by chefs from all over the world. Visitors can enjoy unique dishes prepared by more than 200 participating chefs. The streets are transformed into a gastronomic stage, with stands offering antipasti, Primi, seconds e desserts, each presenting the best of regional and international cuisine. Among the proposals, there is no shortage of street food and local delights, making the experience a true journey into taste.

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The event comes to life at the Spazio Aequa, where meetings take place with key figures from the gastronomic sector.

Every day starts at 10:00 with the welcome of Gennaro Esposito, followed by debates on temi such as sustainability and the future of food. The masterclass of wine, starting from 14 pm, will see the participation of well-known people Master of Wine that explore new wine trends and traditions. The highlight is the Dinner of the Stars, a gala where Italian cuisine is the absolute protagonist, celebrated by internationally renowned chefs to promote its candidacy as UNESCO intangible heritage.


The guest list includes illustrious names from the culinary and wine world, from starred chefs to award-winning sommeliers. Characters like Davide Oldani, Narda Lepes, and sommeliers like Gabriel Gorelli e Mara Severin they enrich the program with their skills and passions. Interaction with these experts offers participants a unique perspective on the current and future dynamics of the food and wine industry, making each meeting an opportunity for learning and inspiration.

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  • Where: Vico Equense
  • When: from Monday 10 June 2024 to Wednesday 12 June 2024
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