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On 15 and 16 June 2024, the village of Petina, located in the province of Salerno, will host the Wild Strawberry and Alburni Flavors Festival. A unique opportunity to explore and enjoy the typical products of Cilento, especially the delicious wild strawberry.

The village of Petina

Petina, nestled in the Alburni mountains, transforms during the festival into a place of meeting and delights. A village with its own characteristic streets and stone houses, which offers an absolutely unique atmosphere. During the event, we will be able to explore the country participating in numerous activities which highlight the rich history and local traditions.

Village of Petina
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The program of events of the Wild Strawberry Festival

The program for Saturday 15 June

The party starts on Saturday 15 June at 17pm with the opening ceremony and the launch of artisan stands. At 18pm, there will be a performance by folklore groups, followed by the opening of the gastronomic trail at 00pm. The evening will be animated by Cilento Popular in concert to 19 p.m., followed by Vienteterra at 21pm. The day will end with Vale Lambro and the Sean Gray DJ set to the 23: 30.

  • 17pm – Opening ceremony and start-up of the artisan stands
  • 18pm – Performance by folklore groups
  • 19pm – Opening of the gastronomic journey and concert by Cilento Popular
  • 21pm – Vienteterra concert
  • 23pm – Vale Lambro and Sean Gray DJ set

The program for Sunday 16 June

Sunday 16 June begins at 9am with a series of guided tours to explore Petina and its surroundings. The craft stands will open at 00:10, followed by performances by folklore groups at 00:11. The gastronomic route will be accessible again from 00:12, accompanied by the concert of the Paranza Picentina to the 12: 30.

The afternoon will see the flag-wavers of Cava dei Tirreni at 17 p.m., followed by tastings of the large strawberry tart at 00:17 p.m. The food and wine tour will reopen at 30 pm, while the evening will end with the concert of the Seven Mouths and, at 21pm, the live performance of Santino Cardamone.

  • 09:00 – Guided tours
  • 10:00 – Opening of the craft stands
  • 11pm – Performance by folklore groups
  • 12:00 – Opening of the gastronomic route
  • 12pm – Concert of the Paranza Picentina
  • 17pm – Cava dei Tirreni flag-wavers
  • 17pm – Tasting of the large strawberry tart
  • 19pm – Reopening of the food and wine route
  • 21pm – Concert by Santino Cardamone

For more information you can refer to official Facebook page.

  • Where: Petina
  • When: from Saturday 15 June 2024 to Sunday 16 June 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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