Bavarian Festival of Brusciano with live concerts and lots of beer

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From 14 to 16 June 2024, Brusciano will come alive with the Bavarian Festival, bringing a touch of Bavaria to a few kilometers from Naples. They will be three days full of craft beer, Delicious food e live music. In Via Sandro Pertini, between food and wine stands and an area dedicated to Food & Beverage, we will be able to immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of celebration and tradition.

Location and setup

Il Bavarian Festival in Brusciano will be held in Via Sandro Pertini, where a large area dedicated to food and wine stands will be set up. Here we will find a wide Food & Beverage Area ready to serve us the best Bavarian specialties, from craft beer to typical dishes. The main stage will host the performances of the artists and guests who will liven up every evening.

  • Food and wine stands
  • Food & Beverage Area
  • Stage for performances
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The guests of the festival

Il Bavarian Festival in Brusciano will host very famous artists, here's who will take the stage:

Gigione the festival will open on Friday 14 June. Known for his energy and unmistakable style, Gigione will make us dance and sing to his most famous songs. His charisma and friendliness make him an unmissable guest.

Giusy Attanasio will be the protagonist of the evening of Saturday 15 June. Her enchanting voice and musical talent will give us moments of pure emotion. Giusy is a complete artist, capable of attracting and involving the public.

Paola Pezone and Luciano Caldore they will close the festival on Sunday 16 June. Their combined performance promises an evening of good music and fun. Paola and Luciano are known for their talent and their ability to create a magical atmosphere during their shows.

The program of the evenings

The program of Bavarian Festival will offer us three evenings full of shows and entertainment. Every evening, on the stage set up in Via Sandro Pertini, artists of great talent and fame will perform.

Friday June 14 2024

  • Highlight evening with the legendary Gigione, ready to excite the audience with his contagious energy.

Saturday June 15 2024

  • The enchanting Giusy Attanasi, special guest of the evening, will delight us with his voice and his charisma.

Sunday June 16 2024

  • Paola Pezone e Luciano Caldore they will close the festival with a performance full of talent and passion.

Ticket information

To participate in the Bavarian Festival in Brusciano, several ticket options with menu included are available.

Full ticket: at the cost of 10 €, this ticket includes:

  • Performance by the artist of the evening
  • Live music
  • A sandwich or a fried pizza
  • One drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)

reduced ticket: at the cost of 5 € (for children aged 0 to 13), this ticket includes:

  • Performance by the artist of the evening
  • Live music
  • A hot dog
  • A non-alcoholic drink
  • Full price ticket: €10
  • Reduced ticket: €5 (0-13 years)
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