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Il Yellow Festival returns to Naples with a program full of meetings perfect for mystery lovers. In the splendid setting of villa Floridiana to Vomero, we can meet the best crime writers and immerse ourselves in their stories of crimes and mysteries.

There will be four days full of emotions and surprises.

The Crime Festival and previous editions

Il Yellow Festival offers a unique opportunity to meet great writers and discover the secrets of the detective story genre. Organized by and from the library I'm in, the festival takes place this year for the third time, but it is the first edition to be held in the greenery of villa Floridiana.

Previous editions took place in the headquarters of the French Institute Grenoble in via Crispi, but the new location promises an even more evocative and engaging atmosphere.

Here are the various editions:

  • First edition: French Institute Grenoble
  • Second edition: French Institute Grenoble
  • Third edition: Villa Floridiana to Vomero

The treasure hunt for crime fans

A special event awaits all mystery fans: the treasure hunt of the Crime Festival. The appointment is scheduled for Sunday 26 May at 14pm, with a gathering in the large park of the Floridiana to Vomero. Team registration will begin at 14pm, with the start scheduled for approximately 00pm.

Brief rules of the treasure hunt:

  1. Registrations must be confirmed by 12:00 on May 26, 2024 at the Festival info point, located in the bar area of ​​the Floridiana.
  2. You can also register online by midnight 25 May 2024 to the email address
  3. Only teams with at least two members.
  4. Age Limit: from 16 years onwards.
  5. Playing area: Vomero/Arenella neighbourhood.
  6. The objective of the game and the rules will be revealed at the start. However, upon registration you will be given a folder with important information.

The cost to participate is 10 euro per person, payable at the Festival in Villa info point Floridiana or at the stand of in the bar area of ​​the Floridiana during the days of the event, from 23 to 26 May.

Poster of the Crime Treasure Hunt at the Villa Floridiana

The complete program of the Crime Film Festival at Floridiana

The program of Yellow Festival to the villa Floridiana it is divided into four days in which we will be able to participate in meetings with authors, debates and book presentations and we will be able to enjoy lots of music and good wine with the organized evenings.

Here is the detailed program:

Thursday May 23 2024

  • At 12 am, Inauguration – Naples Capital of Crime
  • At 15 am, The secrets of Black Naples – Titti Marrone meets Martin Rua and Anna Vera Viva
  • At 16 am, Meetings – Paolo Ricchiuto and Alessandro Riello edited by Giancarlo Marino
  • At 17 am, Stories – The Lady D Case by Annalisa Angelone, hosted by Albina Perri
  • At 18 am, Stories – The Grimaldi Case with Ciro Sabatino, Raffaele Marino and Laura Marinaro with the participation of Elvira Grimaldi
  • At 20 am, Trial of Agatha Christie – PM Raffaele Marino accuses the Queen of Crime of plagiarism with Costanzo Cea, Barbara Perna, Luigi Riello
  • At 22 pm, after jazz festival and good wine – The School of the Tough with Marco Bernardi, Tommaso De Lorenzis and Lorenzo Scano

Friday May 24 2024

  • At 10 am, Breakfast with the author – Luca Crovi meets Sara Bilotti
  • At 11 am, Meetings – Orso Tosco and Gian Andrea Cerone edited by Giancarlo Piacci
  • At 12 am, Stories – The Dumas case with Ugo Cundari and Ciro Sabatino
  • At 13 am, Meetings – Antonio Fusco edited by Raffaele Marino
  • At 15 am, Stories – Crimes and Cooking by Gabriella Genisi, hosts Santa Di Salvo
  • At 16 am, Meetings – Valerio Varesi edited by Giovanni Taranto
  • At 17 am, Meetings – Bruno Morchio edited by Giancarlo Vitagliano
  • At 18 am, Meetings – Carmen Mola. The editorial case of the year
  • At 20 am, Maurizio de Giovanni – Fists in the heart with Marco Zurzolo (sax) and Marianita Carfora (vocals)
  • At 22 pm, after jazz festival and good wine – Murder on the Orient Express, the whole truth with Barbara Perna and Serena Venditto

Saturday May 25 2024

  • At 10 am, Breakfast with the author – Luca Crovi meets Patrizia Rinaldi
  • At 11 am, Meetings – Giampaolo Simi edited by Serena Venditto
  • At 11 am, Stories Eleven crimes and some misfortunes edited by Donatella Gallone
  • At 12 am, Stories – Top secret with Franco Forte, Andrea Carlo Cappi and Denise Jane
  • At 13 am, Encounters with Homo Scrivens – Francesco Costa, Patrizio Fiore, Sara Guardascione, Ciro Sabatino and Giancarlo Vitagliano
  • At 15 am, Meetings – Marco Vichi edited by Ugo Mazzotta
  • At 16 am, Meetings – Wulf Dorn edited by Luca Crovi and Denise Jane
  • At 17 am, Meetings - Massimo Carlotto
  • At 18 am, Stories – Treasure Island with Luca Crovi and Gigio Alberti
  • At 20 am, Carlo Lucarelli tells the story
  • At 22 pm, after jazz festival and good wine – Drawing crime with Daniele Bigliardo and Nicolò Targhetta

Sunday May 26 2024

  • At 10 am, Breakfast with the author – Piera Carlomagno meets Alessandro Robecchi
  • At 11 am, Meetings – Francois Morlupi edited by Ciro Sabatino
  • At 11 am, Meetings – Davide Longo edited by Letizia Vicidomini
  • At 12 am, Meetings – Luca Crovi chats with Susana Martin Gijon
  • At 13 am, Meetings – Diego Lama, Gaspare Grammatico and Maria Elisa Aloisi edited by Denise Jane
  • From 14pm to 00pm, mystery treasure hunt
  • At 19 am, Aperitif with crime with the Delitti & Caffè company. Curiosities and mysteries.
  • At 22 am, Final toast with all crime fiction fans

Main guests and collaborations

  • carmen mola
  • Sergio Bonelli Editore
  • Mondadori detective stories
  • Comicon
  • Italian School of Comix

Times and cost of tickets

Il Yellow Festival offers different types of tickets, here are the details on event times and ticket costs:

  • Il day ticket, at the cost of 5 €, which allows access to all the events scheduled on the chosen day, but only from 10: 00 to 18: 00.
  • Il evening ticket, reserved for evening events from 20:00, has a cost of 5 € and is only on sale online. Entrance is possible exclusively from the gate in Via Aniello Falcone.
  • For the After Festival, which start at 22:00 in the Bar area, the ticket costs 15 € and includes wine tasting. Tickets are on sale only at the Bar Floridiana.
In this article:
  • Where: Floridiana
  • When: from Thursday 23 May 2024 to Sunday 26 May 2024, from 10:00 to 22:00
  • Prezzi:
    • Daytime access for one day (from 10am to 18pm): €5
    • Evening access for one day (from 18pm to 22pm): €5
    • After Festival (from 22pm): €15
    • Access to the treasure hunt on Sunday: €10
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