2019 scale festival in Naples, numerous activities to rediscover the city

Naples Stairs Festival
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The appointment with the 2019 Stairs Festival in Naples is back, with various special initiatives around the city.

From December 7 2019 7 to January 2020 the initiative starts 2019 scale festival a Napoli, a great return for the Neapolitan city, in which a series of activities are planned including urban trekking, concerts, literary walks and more.

This event was organized by the Coordination for the recovery of stairs in Naples and has the intent to rediscover the more than 200 paths, including stairs and bleachers, the most beautiful in the city.

Below is part of the program, which can be downloaded in full on Official site.


7 December 2019

Trekking on the Capodimonte stairs - Appointment at 10:30 a Porta San Gennaro and a contribution of 5 € , reservation required to the 3294310601 number or to the email napolicentrostorico@cittadinanzattiva.it

8 December 2019

Like flowing water: fluid prose and song in Pedamentina - walk with prose, songs and dance. Appointment at 10:30 a Piazzale San Martino which requires a share of 12 € e reservation required to the number 3914143578 or to the email losguardochetrasforma@gmail.com

14 December 2019

Narrated scales, musical scales: from Petraio to Chiaia. Tale of the city with a walk that goes from the hill of the Vomero towards the sea. Appointment to 10: 30 a piazza Fuga, which requires the contribution of 6 € e booking to the 3358236123 number or to the email ass.benicult@gmail.com

26 December 2019

Santo Stefano - Walk with prose songs and dance. Appointment to Piazzale San Martino to 10: 30 and a contribution of 12 € e mandatory protection to 3914143578 or to the email losguardochetrasforma@gmail.com

6 January 2020

The ascension to Capodimonte - urban trekking and the appointment at Garibaldi barracks 11 hours: 00 where contribution is required from 5 € e reservation required to the 3494597997 number or to the email greeitalia@carminematuro.info

7 January 2020

Presentation Calendar Click to participate to the pizzeria Mammina Santa Brigida at 18: 00

Information Festival of the stairs of Naples

Where: Various places in Naples

When: From December 7 2019 to 7 January 2020

Time: It depends on the type of event

Price: Consult the program

Information: Official website

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