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Festivals in Campania in the weekend from 26 to 28 July 2019 | 4 tips

Festivals in Campania in the weekend from 26 to 28 July 2019

The buckets of the Chiena, the onion festival, the Notte delle lampare and more with the Festivals in Campania over the weekend from 26 to 28 July 2019!

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In this heat weekend ranging from 26 to 28 July 2019 we can experience the nature and the freshness that the municipalities offer us in the province thanks to festivals in Campania.

For example, during the Country Chiena, you can refresh yourself with the buckets of water and the fun in the river, diverted into the streets of the municipality, which makes this event unique every year.

A Vatolla, instead, continues the onion festival typical of this territory and, in the beautiful cetara, the traditional starts again Night of the lamps.

In Castello del Lago, instead, the Festa dell'Aia with the braciata and Peasant festival.

Here are the festivals in Campania at the weekend.

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Vatolla 2019 onion festival with many local specialties


In the Cilento part of the Vatolla 2019 onion festival, in the municipality of Perdifumo, with a rich menu based on this excellence!

In the hamlet of Perdifumo, in the province of Salerno, in full Cilento, comes the Onion Feast starting from 13 in July until 25 in August, for 5 weekend. To be precise, the dates are 13-14 and 27-28 July, 3-4, 10-11 August and 24-25 August 2019.

Information on Vatolla 2019 Onion Festival with many local specialties:

Where: Corte Castello de Vargas Machuca, Borgo of Vatolla
  • Saturday July 27 2019 Ore: 20:00
  • Sunday July 28 2019 Ore: 20:00
Price: FREE

Notte delle Lampare in Cetara 2019: the evocative tribute to an ancient tradition

For three nights in Cetara we celebrate and remember the tradition of fishing with anchovies with lamparas

The Municipality of Cetara and the Pro loco of Cetara - Amalfi Coast promote the "Notte delle Lampare", an event intended to recall the tradition of the ancient technique of anchovy fishing with lamparas.

Information on Lampar Night in Cetara 2019:

Where: cetara
Give her: 20:00 23:59
Openings during the weekend:
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • departure from Salerno: 5€
  • departure from cetara: 10€
  • fishing trip: 15€

Feast of the Hague 2019 in Castello del Lago with braciata and country festival

party of the 2019 threshing floor

The festival of The Hague 2019 will be held in Castel del Lago during which there will be an excellent braciata and the peasant festival for maximum enjoyment

La Feast of the Hague 2019 is an important event in Castel del Lago, a town in the province of Avellino which is three hundred meters from the A16 Napoli Bari motorway exit, which offers this important event every year. This event takes place on the last weekend of July, namely the 27 and the 28 July, now reaching the twenty-first edition.

Information on the Feast of the Hague 2019 in Castello del Lago with braciata and Peasant Festival:

Where: Castle of the Lake
Give her: 20:00 00:00
Openings during the weekend:
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
Price: FREE

'A Chiena di Campagna 2019: the water festival between buckets and walks

to chiena

The water festival 'A Chiena 2019 di Campagna is a great opportunity to escape the summer heat and have fun with friends and not

The water festival 'A Chiena 2019 of Campagna it is one of the most interesting manifestations in the summer above all because it is the water festival, an essential liquid for the life of living beings, but which, due to the summer heat, becomes even more necessary. This is a simple event but at the same time fun because for a short period of time even adults can become children again and have fun throwing buckets of water.

Information on 'A Chiena di Campagna 2019:

Where: Countryside
  • Saturday July 27 2019 Ore: 15: 00 / 16: 00
  • Sunday July 28 2019 Ore: 12: 00 / 13: 00
  • Sunday July 28 2019 Ore: 15: 00 / 16: 00
Price: FREE

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