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It is now a certainty: Flowers above Hell 2 will be done ed Elena Sofia Ricci, as he stated in several interviews, could return to play the role of Teresa Battaglia, the protagonist, a very skilled profiler, but who is fighting against the advance of a degenerative disease. However, fans will have to have a little patience because, like the first season, too Flowers above hell 2 may not arrive in the immediate future.

Flowers above hell 2: when does it start

At the moment there isn't one yet Official start date of Flowers above Hell 2, but if the second season were to follow the same path as the first (Flowers above hell was filmed towards the end of 2022 and was aired in early 2023), then it is possible that it will be filmed towards end of 2023. Consequently, this with regards to airing, the first episode of Flowers above hell 2 could be aired atbeginning of 2024.

Flowers above hell 2: first previews

Le first previews of Flowers above hell 2 are not yet available, as the fiction is inspired by the novels of Ilaria Tutti. Since the first season followed the story told in the first book published by Longanesi (“Flowers above Hell”), it is possible that for the second the screenwriters, Carlo Carley e Marco Cristiani, will be inspired by one of the following three books (the last two released in 2021) or, even, by the first ("The Girl with Paper Eyes"), released in 2015 by the publishing house Black Press.

Flowers above hell 2: the cast

As regards the cast of Flowers above Hell 2, for sure we would find again Elena Sofia Ricci. The Tuscan actress, in an interview, declared her willingness to play the role of Teresa Battaglia.

Others that we could review in a second hypothetical season of fiction could be:

  • Gianluca Gobbi in the role of James Parisi;
  • Joseph Spata in the role of Massimo Marini;
  • Lorenzo McGovern Zaini in the role of Mathias;
  • Ruben Santiago Vecchi in the role of Oliver;
  • Tosca Forestieri in the role of Lucia;
  • Victor Garofalo in the role of Diego;
  • Mario Ermito in the role of Andreas;
  • Massimo Rigo in the role of Hans Knauss;
  • Luigi Petrucci in the role of Julius Nistri;
  • Christian Burruano in the role of Gaetano Brughi;
  • Urs Remond in the role of Doctor Ian;
  • Leda Kreider in the role of Melania Kravina;
  • Maria Sole Mansutti in the role of Vittoria;
  • Riccardo Stork in the role of Lucas Ebran;
  • Aeneas Barozzi in the role of David Knauss;
  • Lorenzo Acquaviva in the role of Quaestor Ambrosini;
  • Lorraine Cacciatore in the role of Martha Valentine;
  • Ariadne Mattioli in the role of Teachers;
  • Emma Benini in the role of Sara;
  • Hector Belmondo in the role of Antonio Parri;
  • Luke Philippi in the role of Christian Lusar;
  • Maria Cristina Moglia in the role of Carmen Mura;
  • Laura Mazzi in the role of Sister Anna;
  • Paula Sambo in the role of Mother Lucas.

Where to see Flowers above Hell 2 on TV and in streaming

Le episodes of Flowers above hell 2 are not yet available, but as with the first season, will be broadcast free-to-air on Rai Uno. THE reruns of episodes instead they can be reviewed on the free platform RaiPlay.

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