Blue 2018 flags in Campania: beaches with excellent sea and three new entries

Massa Lubrense

Campania leaps to the third place in the 2018 Blue Flag rankings and there are also three new entries. Here's the list!

Also this year the list of Blue Flags in Italy, that is, the recognition that decrees the best sea areas for the quality of water and beaches. Also there Campaniaas always, it has numerous receipts and this time there are also three new entries.

Our region is located at third place in the ranking and three new entries are Piano di Sorrento, Sorrento and Ispani. Therefore, Campania is on the podium and is the first region of southern Italy.

In general, all of Italy has seen an increase in the number of Blue Flags compared to last year, when there were 163; in fact, this year they reach 175 for a total of 368 beaches. The recognition is awarded by the Fee, the Danish NGO Foundation for Environmental Education.

The beaches that have won are those with the bathing waters of excellent quality according to the analyzes carried out in the last four years by the ARPA, carried out in the framework of the national ministerial monitoring program.

Blue 2018 flags in Campania

Here is the list of blue flags in Campania:


  • Piano di Sorrento - Marina di Cassano
  • Anacapri - Lighthouse / Punta Carena, Gradola / Blue Grotto
  • Sorrento - San Francesco, Riviera of Massa
  • Massa Lubrense - Baia delle Sirene, Marina del Cantone, Marina di Puolo, Recommone


  • Castellabate - Lake Tresino, Marina Piccola, Pozzillo / San Marco, Punta Inferno, Ogliastro Bay
  • Hispani - Ortoconte / Capitello
  • San Mauro Cilento - Mezzatorre
  • Pisciotta - Ficaiola / Torraca / Gabella, Pietriaio / Fosso della Marina / Marina Acquabianca
  • Sapri - San Giorgio, Cammarelle
  • Centola - Palinuro (Port / Dunes and Saline), Marinella
  • Capaccio - Licinella, Varolato / La Laura / Casina D'Amato, Tower of Paestum / Mouth Acqua dei Ranci
  • Ascea - Piana di Velia, Telegraph Tower, Marina di Ascea
  • Casal Velino - Dominella / Torre, Lungomare / Isola
  • Positano - Big Beach, Arienzo Beach, Fornillo Beach
  • Agropoli - Porto Free Beach, Lungomare San Marco, Torre San Marco, Trentova
  • Vibonati - Santa Maria Le Piane, Torre Villammare, Oliveto
  • Pollica - Acciaroli, Pioppi
  • Montecorice - Arena Bay, Capitello Beach, Agnone Beach, San Nicola
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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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