Forcella in musica, the free concert between jazz, tango and cinema

daniela in love and Nincola Rando
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Saturday April 13th, 19.00, the magical atmosphere of church of San Giorgio Maggiore will light up with the notes of Fork in Music! The third appointment of this event that combines music and culture in the heart of Naples. The event will feature the project Alto and mezzo, a sonic journey between tradition and innovation, performed by the talent of Daniela Innamorati e Nicola Rando.

The Forcella in Musica concert

Thanks to the commitment ofDiscantus Association, in synergy with the Archdiocese and the Municipality of Naples, the concerts of “Forcella in Music!” they are a bridge between different cultures and a moment of collective growth. We start on April 13th with the artistic guide of Luigi Grima with a repertoire that travels from the melancholy notes of Blue Moon to the compositions of piazzola, passing through the melodies of Gershwin and the pearls of Neapolitan song.

Alto and mezzo it is the fulcrum of Fork in Music!, a meeting between the mezzo-soprano Daniela Innamorati and the saxophonist Nicola Rando. A project that investigates the theme of musical migration, illustrating the power of music to cross borders and unite cultures. The concert of 13th April proposes a journey that starts from jazz, passes through soundtracks, touches on Neapolitan song and arrives at tango, highlighting the versatility and breadth of music as a universal language.

cover of Forcella in Musica

Contacts and information

To participate in Fork in Music! il 13th April, No reservation is required. Entrance is free subject to availability both at church of San Giorgio Maggiore starting from 19.00. For further details or questions, theDiscantus Association remains available through the following contact channels:

  • Where: church of San Giorgio Maggiore
  • When: Saturday 13 April 2024, from 19:00
  • Price: the event is free
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