Festivals of Liberi 2022: the parties not to be missed with excellent food throughout the summer

Wednesday, 22/06/2022
Fabiana Bianchi

Finally in the cute village of Liberiin province of Caserta, the festival season returns. That's right, "festivals" in the plural, because in this town they really take place every year many gastronomic events that accompany us throughout the summer.

After the physiological stop of a couple of years due to the pandemic, in a few days we will start again and we will start in a big way with the Feast of the hanged caciocavallo, which immediately brings us an irresistible peckish.

The festivals they will continue until the end of August and will end with Porcino in festa. In any case. Let's see together which are all the events not to be missed.

We remind you that for each festival there is always a ample parking.

25 and 26 June - Feast of the Gypsy Bacon

The gypsy bacon is a typical local salami, cooked and smoked, which we will certainly be able to taste in Liberi on excellent homemade bread. Bacon is loved by everyone and gives a unique flavor also to other foods to which it is associated and a nice sip of Local wine it will exalt it even more. Immersed in the green of Liberi, with music and dancing in the background, it will be an even more intense pleasure.

When: 25 and 26 June

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2 and 3 July - Feast of the Hanged Caciocavallo

Surely it is one of the festivals more delicious than there are because it foresees it melting of this cheese, hung on a red-hot embers, the melted result of which is spread on a slice of toasted bread. A unique delight for the palate that becomes even more irresistible when accompanied with local wine.

When: 2 and 3 July

All the information in detail is in the our in-depth article.

9 and 10 July - Feast of the Tagliata Marchigiana

A piece of very fine meat which is generally obtained from sirloin of the white veal of the Apennines PGI and which can be enjoyed in different ways of cooking. At the embers, in a pan, the important thing is that the cooking is done to perfection, preferably rare or medium cooking, so as to fully appreciate this delicacy.

Another appointment not to be missed.

When: 9 and 10 July

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July 16 and 17 - Brazilian Churrasco by Porkstrami

An original name for a very original festival. The barbecue is a typical Argentine and Brazilian dish that includes a mixed grill of meat, including pork, chicken, beef and sheep. They are cut into large chunks, then marinated and grilled. The pastrami, on the other hand, it is a Romanian dish with beef, pork or mutton that first involves preservation in brine and then drying. In this festival, as the name suggests, we will taste theoriginal mix of these two specialties.

When: 16 and 17 July

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23 and 24 July - Baked gnocchi and Spiedone di Ulisse

How not to love baked gnocchi, especially if prepared with excellent food fiordilatte or stringy mozzarella and tomato that enhance the flavor to the maximum. In these two days we will be able to make a great feast.

As regards the Skewer of Ulysses, it is a large and long piece of meat cooked on a spit. The earliest references to the spit are said to have been made in Homeric poems that tell the journey of Ulysses and probably the name derives from these origins. We just have to ascertain its goodness.

When: 23 and 24 July

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30 and 31 July - Bavarian-style pork knuckle

It comes from a typical German recipe, Bavarian to be precise, in which the pork shank is prepared baked and accompanied by sauerkraut and potatoes. Of course, paired with a nice mug of beer, but also local wine, it will be the top.

When: 30 and 31 July

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6 and 7 August - Braciata of black pig from Caserta

The black pig from Caserta is one very famous breed of pig and with an irresistible flavor. He has dark skin without hair and his farms are mainly found in our region. It is a flesh fine thanks to the kind of breeding and all 'supply that is given to him. That's why in these two evenings we will taste really excellent black pig from Caserta, grilled, in a pan, in a sandwich and in many other ways.

When: 6 and 7 August

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13 and 14 August - Brazilian picanha churrasco

As already explained for a previous festival, the Churrasco is a typical South American dish which involves cooking beef, pork, chicken and sheep in chunks. In these two evenings, however, it will be prepared with a part of the beef call filet steak, that is the "codon of beef" or the "tip of sirloin". Definitely another delicacy associated with grilled vegetables, potatoes and other side dishes.

When: 13 and 14 August

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20 and 21 August - Montanare in festa & Arrosticini

How not to love the montanare, the typical ones Fried pizzas season with tomato, parmesan and many other ingredients according to taste. In these two days of festival we will also be able to taste the skewers, The famous small skewers of meat, usually of sheep, cooked on the grill.

When: 20 and 21 August

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27 and 28 August - Porcino in Festa

The last appointment of the Sagre di Liberi is entirely dedicated to porcini mushrooms, among the most fine among the mushroom breeds. They will be a excellent side dish to meat, but they can also be eaten as single dish, cooked on the grill, in a pan or in the oven. They are always delicious and remind us of the flavors of our land.

When: 27 and 28 August

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