Funeral Giovanbattista Cutolo, killed in Piazza Municipio: where they will be, how to follow them and Maxiscreen

Wednesday, 06/09/2023
Gennaro Marchesi
giovanbattista cutolo the boy killed in town hall square for futile reasons

The sudden and tragic death of Giovanbattista Cutolo has upset the soul of the city of Naples.
Now, while the city wears the clothes of mourning, a media and emotional picture is being built around his funeral, which promises to be an exceptional public event.

Where the funeral ceremony for Giovanbattista Cutolo will take place

The place chosen for the last farewell to Giovanbattista is the historic one Church of the Gesù Nuovo. A cult building which, in its solemnity, seems almost prepared to welcome the heavy emotions of an event so full of meanings.

The advice is to go to the nearby Basilica of Santa Chiara where the Municipality has prepared the installation of a giant screen.

Where the municipality's giant screen will be installed

For those who will not be able to find space in the church, a giant big screen of 5 meters by 3 will act as a "virtual window" on the ceremony.
It will be placed near the Basilica of Santa Chiara, as if it wanted to symbolically unite two sacred places in the city.

Who will be present at the funeral

Prominent figures will be present at the rite, including:

  • Don Mimmo BattagliaMetropolitan Archbishop of Naples
  • Gaetano Manfredi, the mayor of Naples

It won't be just any funeral, the mayor declared the citizen mourning, underlining how much the community is touched by this loss.
Although the reaction of the municipality was a bit late, resulting completely absent in the first few hours from tragedy.

How to reach the Basilica of Santa Chiara in Naples for the funeral

To participate in the ceremony or for any other reason that leads to wanting to reach the Basilica of Santa Chiara, here are some useful pointers on how to do it.

Public transport

  • Metropolitan: The closest station is "Dante" on Line 1. From here, the basilica can be reached on foot in about 10 minutes.
  • bus: Various buses stop nearby, including numbers C63 and R2. Consulting the timetables and stops is recommended.

By car or motorbike

If you choose to come by your own means, you can use one of the paid parking lots in the area. Be aware that the area is often congested.

On foot

If you are already in the Old Town, reaching the Basilica of Santa Chiara on foot is often the quickest and most pleasant choice, allowing you to cross historic streets and charming squares.

In any case, given the particular circumstances of the funeral and the possible influx of the public, it is strongly recommended to reach the location well in advance.

Where you will be able to see the funeral on TV

For those who prefer to participate from home, Channel 21 and TeleCapri will offer comprehensive coverage of the event starting from 14: 45.
A way to ensure that the whole nation can share the pain and pay tribute to Giovanbattista.

Statements from Giovanbattista's mother

The boy's mother is clear and crystalline: come many, come all, do not leave Giovanbattista alone and firmly condemn the "monster" who killed his son.

How are the investigations going?

On the judicial front, the investigations do not stop. A 17 year old from the Spanish Quarters he pleaded guilty, but his emotional situation complicates matters.
The investigation is in full swing, with new details emerging all the time.

What the assassin of Giovanbattista, Davide Piccirillo, said

David Piccirillo, the young killer's lawyer, shared that his client is in shock and despair. His words that raise more questions than answers, highlighting the complexity and tragedy of a situation in which there are no winners.

There were those who defended themselves with their hands or kicks, those who threw a stool or chairs. I didn't want to kill anyone, just defend myself when I saw the other guy coming at me in a threatening tone. I was afraid that something might happen to me, I asked for the gun and I fired three shots but not to kill. In fact I saw Cutolo backing away and I thought I scared him. I didn't know I killed him, when I found out I was shocked

David Piccirillo

The results of the autopsy

The autopsy shows though a different narrative.

Giovanbattista, according to rumors, seems that was hit 3 times with 2 shots in the chest and 1 even in the back, strokes that are clearly not compatible with what the boy described.

In the square there were video surveillance cameras who have filmed the whole story, including the moment of the shooting, so it will be up to the videos to deny or confirm what has been said. From what it seems, although not yet confirmed, it would seem that the boy pointed the gun at Giovanbattista at man height then firing three shots in sequence fatal results.

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