Monday, 25 October 2021
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State-of-the-art games in Naples from Halloween to Christmas with events for children

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A new edition of Games to perfection is renewed in Naples from Sunday 24 October until Sunday 19 December 2021.

A series of organized appointments by the Wander Italy for kids and dedicated to children aged 7 to 12, with the aim of introducing them, in a light and fun way, to the wonderful heritage of the city of Naples.

In fact, children will be able to try their hand at treasure hunts, puzzles to solve and many other activities, some dedicated to Halloween and others that will continue until the Christmas holidays.

How to participate

In order to participate you must complete the booking, due to limited places, using the contacts indicated in the information mirror.

The program

Here is the appointment schedule:

Events on Halloween

  • Friday 29 and Saturday 30 October at 16:30, Sunday 31 October and Monday 1 November at 11:00 and 16:30 at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples the event Halloween between mummies and pharaohs. Children can visit the Egyptian section of the Museum and participate in a treasure hunt.
  • Saturday 30 October at 11:00 and Tuesday 2 November at 11:00 and 16:30 in Capodimonte the event Witches and vampires at the Spanish Court.
  • Sunday 31 October at 11:00 in Villa Floridiana Witches and vampires in the Villa.

Certosa di San Martino

  • Sunday 14 November at 11:00 at the Certosa di San Martino the event Art labyrinth in Certosa.

Palace of Capodimonte

  • Saturday 20 November 2021 at 11:00 at the Capodimonte Palace the event Art detective: hidden details in Capodimonte.
  • Saturday 6 November at 11:00 and Sunday 5 December at 11:00 the event to the Court of Spain.

Villa Pignatelli

  • Sunday 21 November at 11:00 the event Carriage games.

National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN)

  • Saturday 23 October at 16 pm and Friday 30 November at 12 pm, Sunday 16 November at 30 am A day as a Gladiator.


  • Sunday 24 October at 11:00 and Saturday 4 December at 11:00 Intrigues between dukes and duchesses.

Royal Palace

  • Sunday 7 November and Saturday 11 December at 11:00 A Royal Hunt

National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN)

  • Saturday 13 November at 11:00 Stone Comics
  • Friday 26 November at 16 pm Riddles between mummies and pharaohs
  • Saturday 27 November at 11:00 Painted fairy tales


  • Christmas in Certosa (San Martino) Friday 10 December at 16pm, Sunday 30 December at 12am, Friday 11 December at 00pm and Saturday 17 December at 16am.
  • Christmas in Villa Floridiana Sunday 19 December at 11:00.

Information on state of the art games


From 24 October to 19 December 2021


Villa Floridana, Certosa, MANN, Royal Palace, Villa Pignatelli, Capodimonte


11:00 or 16:30 (see the program)


For each event 10 euros per child

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