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Ice cream, an artisan ice cream that blends quality and innovation, in the name of the tradition of good Italian ice cream

There are so many ice cream parlors in Naples, but if you want to taste something different and innovative, even if remaining faithful to the sacred tradition of Made in Naples artisanal ice cream, you should definitely jump from Gelatosità.

Ice-cream Artisan Ice-cream was born as an innovative format for the production of artisan ice creams in 2005, when it opened its first store at Vomero, in via Mario Fiore, in the heart of the Neapolitan hill district, immediately achieving great public success.

The winning formula of Gelatosità, whose concept was born as a fusion between "ice cream" and "gluttony", is to guarantee its customers a high quality of its products, in the best respect of the tradition of good Italian ice cream and, at the same time, a wise use of technologies innovative to offer exclusive sensory experiences.

The business idea

The merit of Gelatosità is to have conceived the vision #creiamoartigiani and to have extended it to the market through the franchising formula, which has been able to spread the innovative philosophy of “teaching how to create ice cream” and “creating artisans” of ice cream, rather than buying pre-packaged products to defrost.

Gelatosità the quality, goodness and creativity in the artisan production of ice creams is the main objective to be pursued. "Always be one step ahead" is the mission of this new business idea, with the aim of bringing the best Italian artisan tradition to meet the most innovative ideas, the most advanced technologies, the most sensational creations.

The philosophy of the founders is to teach and create ice cream as well as ice cream pastry products with the complete production cycle laboratory (pasteurizer and batch freezer). This mode, unique in the panorama of franchised ice cream parlors, allows you to be autonomous in the management of the laboratory and in the creation of flavors. Ice creaminess "creates artisans" and not ice cream retailers, this is the philosophy of the founders at the base of the choice of partner. Producing ice cream, buying fruit at zero km, and ice cream pastry making from creative autonomy. So no pre-packaged flavors or to be defrosted or sent already pasteurized. For Gelatosità these latter methods do not fall within the definition of "artisanal ice cream". Having a laboratory with the Gelatosità formula means having the opportunity to make it the “second” franchising point (franchising of supplies at bars, restaurants, hotels, events, catering etc).

Ice cream has become a point of reference because its products are of the highest quality. In addition to the excellent homemade ice cream, it is recognized as the number one of the milkshakes (also with a snack flavor) and renowned for the goodness of the ice cream pastry. The whipped cream is a gem of ice cream made only with fresh animal cream (and not vegetable), which gives a taste less sweet to the palate but much healthier and lighter, it is preferred in fact by mothers for their younger children or to prepare homemade desserts filled with the softness of a cream with a very delicate taste.
Very attentive to food intolerances, in fact its ice creams are prepared in the laboratory without any trace of gluten according to the strict protocol of the AIC (Italian Celiac Association) which has recognized Gelatosità as the only ice cream parlor in Naples that can guarantee celiacs to enjoy a good ice cream artisan and many ideas of ice cream pastry in absolute tranquility for your health. There are also ice creams for diabetics, fat-free thanks to the exclusive use of skimmed milk without cream and synthetic sugars such as sucralose, in all stores; as well as ice cream for milk intolerant, thanks to the choice of many excellent fruit sorbets, made only with water, sugar and fresh fruit pulp.

What does Ice cream offer?


Gelatosità proposes to its clientele different types of carefully crafted delicacies:

Ice cream

Gelatosità he exhibits in his showcase counters between the 22 and 28 flavors of ice cream, but each of them has been produced by selecting and carefully choosing high quality raw materials, dosing and blending healthy and genuine ingredients such as high quality fresh milk, fresh animal cream and sugar. With the awareness that the "flavors of the South" are those that most whet the palate giving unique sensations.

Here the Pistachio taste is only the Sicilian one from Bronte, the Hazelnut comes from a skilful fusion between the delicacy of the light hazelnut with the light toasting of the slightly darker one. From Sicily comes the exquisite royal almond paste, or the English soup distillate, but also the pasty cassata rich in fragrant candied fruit. Coffee Gelato comes from the Arabica blend produced in Colombia.


Also in the production of his Milkshake excellence in quality is a must. THE Classic Milkshakes of Gelatosità are made with fresh milk and served in a single extra-large size. Over 500 are the different combinations of flavors to choose from, drawing on the selection of the ice cream counter, from the freshest fruit flavors to the creamiest ones.


Gelatosità it also produces excellent ones Smoothies of fresh fruit, very light (start only from 160 calories) and tasty, using only seasonal fruit. Just ask the counter what the fresh fruit of the day is and choose whether to combine it with fresh milk or just with ice, to enjoy moments of fresh and vitaminic pleasure.

The specialties of ice cream


It is the real novelty introduced by Gelatosità in the sector and that offers the customer the possibility to choose how to personalize their ice cream, inaugurating a new way of living and tasting gelato different from that of anyone else.

Gelamix is a registered trademark, because it is a unique and exclusive creation of Gelatosità. They are well 11,5 million ways in which you can create your own ice cream. Just choose two flavors of ice cream, select two fillings (chopped hazelnuts, meringues or chocolates for example) or a minisnack (Mini-Lion, Mini-Twix or Mini-Kitkat) and a grain, and finish the creation with a topping cream . The ice-cream masters will expertly mix all the ingredients working on the special iced plates (an exclusive patent) with suitable spatulas.

Il Gelamix it is then served in a crunchy wafer, cup or brioche and is the only product created entirely by the customer who can thus turn his greedy desires into reality.


Da Gelatosità also sip one milkshake it can become a unique experience. Because here, even this tasty and healthy drink can be customized by choosing from more than 400 different combinations of flavors, choosing them from multiple snacks. The Frappemix with Snacks It was launched in July 2005 and is made by mixing one or more Snacks, depending on the tastes, milk of the day and artisan ice cream made with fresh cream.

- Snack there are so many to choose from and include, among others, the legendary Kinder Bueno, KitKat, Mars, Tronky, Twix, Lion, to be enjoyed as a milkshake or "in pieces" in the Frappemix Delux version. You can also add topping creams and fillings with grains, to savor a Frappèmix with a personalized and unforgettable flavor. It has now become a real unmissable event in the evenings of the movida Neapolitan.

Coffee corner

The new sales point of Gelatosità, in via Luca Giordano al Vomero, also includes a Coffee Corner, a small bouvette where customers can enjoy an exclusive and original carefully roasted Arabica blend, with a "sweet and tasty" flavor, created ad hoc by Toraldo coffee for Gelatosità affiliates. The idea allows customers to savor an original and delicious combination with artisanal ice cream.


How it should NOT be a good ice cream according to Gelatosità

Few elements serve the consumer to recognize the quality of an ice cream shop. Today ice cream has entered the diet. As we recognize a good fruit, a good pizza or a good coffee, it is right that the ice cream is equally recognizable as quality or not. Gelatosità respects all the points indicated below and its customers have the certainty of never being faced with only one of these characteristics:

Gonfio (display in mountain ice-creams, so-called mountain ranges)

A healthy ice cream can not overflow from the pan without melting. If the ice creams are swollen like turkeys defying the rules of gravity, it is very likely that they contain hydrogenated fats, permitted by law but not recommended by common sense for the health of the consumer. Mountains of ice cream are not "natural"! They are beautiful to look at (pure marketing) but not of quality. Light ice cream cannot be exposed to the mountain would melt. The temperature inside the ice cream tray is about -14 degrees, the ice cream that is outside the tray (the so-called mountain) is at temperatures closer to zero. So if it does not melt, it means that it is rich in fats that maintain the solid structure. Gelato di Gelatosità could never remain unchanged in the mountains, it would melt. This means that it does not have the high amount of fat.

Insanely colored (acidic colors)

The colors must be natural. Fresh fruit ice creams often have muted colors. A phosphorescent green pistachio is no longer tolerable, the yellow banana is equally unreal if you want to think that you do not use the peel to produce it, but the pulp!

With milk in the fruit

Fruit ice cream must be a sorbet, made with water, sugar and fresh fruit pulp. If it contains milk it could be a ploy to disguise a poor quality raw material. Fruit ice cream made with milk can hide production that is more attentive to profit than to quality for the customer.

Thirst after ice cream

If ice cream makes you thirst it means that it has a rich fat composition. A quality ice cream should not make you want to drink. Nature has balanced the percentages of water in food, for example if you eat an apple you do not feel thirsty (the fruit already contains the right amount of water). If you eat a dish prepared with condiments and more, the body asks for water to be able to synthesize (digest) what you ate. The more thirsty you get after an ice cream the more the ice cream is processed, and therefore not very natural.

Sales outlets and upcoming openings

From September 2012 to today the network Gelatosità It includes 15 location between ice-cream parlors and laboratories (others are being defined). The company created more than 30 among entrepreneurs, employees and collaborators.

Ice creaminess will soon open also abroad, thus exporting Made in Naples to some foreign countries and also creating artisans in the production of ice cream here.

Gelatosità is present in Naples with four sales points and a laboratory:

  • Via Mario Fiore 2A, piazza Bernini square, Vomero
  • Vico Cacciottoli 48 (Laboratory)
  • Via Luca Giordano 79, Vomero
  • Via dell'Epomeo 75, Soccavo
  • Via Materdei 63A, in front of Starita pizzeria

Sales outlets in Italy:

  • Via Armando Diaz 7-9, Acerra (NA)
  • Via Indipendenza 82, Gaeta (LT)
  • Piazza della Rinascita 1, Baronissi (SA)
  • Via Cappella, Baronissi (SA)

Upcoming openings in Italy:

  • Castelverde, in the province of Cremona
  • Positano (SA)

Upcoming openings abroad:

  • Taiwan
  • Switzerland (2)
  • Panama

Work in progress:

  • China

International Prizes

The seriousness, professionalism and management of the Neapolitan artisan company was also recognized by the Federico II University of Naples, Faculty of Economics, Chair of Economics and Business Management by Prof. C. Mele and Prof. P. Stampacchia. For two years she has been invited to seminars for students where the growth and development paths from 2005 to today are illustrated. Furthermore Gelatosità has been the subject of a degree thesis in quality system management, having as its topic: “Brand and quality strategies. The Gelatosità case ".

Conclusions of Napolike

Gelatosità Today it represents one of the winning business models born in Naples to enhance and promote Made in Naples. The Italian ice cream, flagship of our country and acclaimed abroad, becomes here an experience that blends the quality and goodness of the raw materials used and the innovative capabilities of a brand that has not feared the "challenge" of the combination of tradition and originality.

Furthermore, in an economic moment of "crisis" in which an attempt is made to import business models into Italy, including those of the catering sector, which are successful abroad, Gelatosità showed that export abroad can still be counted on of our Neapolitan "formats", which are essentially based on the quality of raw materials and respect for tradition, creating a network capable of spreading one of our most imitated gastronomic specialties in the world.

A big applause goes toattention to customer satisfaction, because from Gelatosità anyone can experience the thrill of creating and enjoying a personalized ice cream, freely choosing and combining the many flavors offered. A way like any other to make the business interact with the customers who flock to the different stores in the city every day. A relationship that is realized in the most exquisite of expressions: a very tasty and very original ice cream.

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