GF 2023, Greta and Mirko kiss live (video)


Tension rises inside the house Big Brother 2023. The focus is on the love triangle involved Mirko Brunetti, the competitor at the center of female attention, in particular of Greta, Anita Olivieri e Angelica Baraldi. The evolution of events catalyzes the attention not only of the participants but also of the public, who follows the relational dynamics within the reality show with growing interest.

Greta vs Angelica on Big Brother, what happened

The situation escalated when Greta, current love interest of Mirko, asked for a comparison with angelica, accusing her of crossing boundaries in interacting with Mirko. The tension is palpable, with Greta who claims to be at a disadvantage given that angelica he would use Mirko to avoid elimination from the game. Despite the suspicions, Anita appears unperturbed by the behavior of angelica, praising his frankness and direct communication. At the same time, the gossip intensifies thanks to the comments of Cyrus e FIORDALISO, who in the Confessional do not hesitate to express their lively opinion on this intricate network of affections and rivalries.

The meeting between Greta and Mirko on November 6th

November 6 marked a pivotal moment for the couple, with Greta who enters the House for a face to face with Mirko. During the meeting, the two discussed the nature of their relationship and the recent tensions that have arisen within the game. Greta, visibly upset, expressed her pain and disappointment at the dynamics observed, while Mirko tried to get clarification on the status of their relationship.

Are Mirko and Greta back together? They kissed

After their dialogue, full of emotions and tears, a clearer picture of the sentimental situation between them emerged Mirko e Greta. Despite the difficulties and misunderstandings, one gesture revealed a lot about their relationship: a passionate kiss, shared after encouragement from Alfonso, suggested that feelings between the two are still strong. However, the return of Mirko in the House and the rules of the game leave many questions open about the possible evolution of their story.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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