GF Vip 7: advances March 16, 2023, Sarah Altobello against everyone

Thursday, 16/03/2023
Frances Orelli
Sarah Altobello

Tonight Thursday 16 March 2023, after Oriana Marzoli, we will find out who will be the second finalist of GF Vip 7! The match would be between two women and, in the meantime, a third lashes out against the production: Sarah Altobello, who also makes a disconcerting revelation.

Another heart-pounding episode is preparing for the GF VIP 7: according to what was revealed by advances, this evening Thursday March 16 2023 you will choose the second finalist and, from what we know, the match could be played between two women.

According to what was revealed by several polls, the possible second finalist could be Nikita Pelizon, while in second place (and therefore could enter the final later) there Antonella Fiordelisi. However, everything is still at stake, but there are already those who murmur that, there winner of the GF Vip 7could be a woman.

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GF Vip 7, Sarah Altobello against the production "We are paying for the fault of a few!"

While the pink quote are increasing in home of the GF Vip 7, in the last few hours another woman has thrown herself against the program production, going so far as to accuse her of making the excluded pay for "the faults of a few."

"The behavior of the reality show has been defined as "scabrous" and I found myself in the middle of it. It is a decision by Piersilvio Berlusconi: the line taken by the program was not liked and we are paying the consequences."

Not happy, the Melania Trump impersonator revealed that, in her opinion, too much space was given to vulgarity and verbal sloppiness in the seventh edition of the reality show. And, speaking of Atilius Romita, he added:

"I thought we had a good friendship. I was stupid to believe that our bond was genuine."

Last but not least, she confessed that she was very embarrassed about the marriage proposal live by Tony Toscano, his agent, and that no, there will be no marriage between them:

"Tony has this attraction for me but, at the moment, I don't feel what he does. I love him very much but it's not that love that would push me to go down the aisle. I'm not Tony Toscano's girlfriend. With him there isn't any kind of sexual or sentimental bond, his proposal upset me. I'm sorry that he feels bad about it but I don't want to make fun of him. And this thing makes me feel bad. He must take less time in this relationship."

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