GF Vip 7: second surprise finalist, the anger of Orietta Berti

Friday, 17/03/2023
Frances Orelli
GF Vip 7 second finalist

A somewhat explosive episode that of Thursday 16 March 2023 for GF Vip 7: despite the polls, which saw Nikita Pelizon as the favorite in the final, it is Micol Incorvaia who takes second place. Between the anger of Giulia Salemi, Orietta Berti who loses her temper and the shocked face of Luca Onestini, here are the hottest moments of last night.

Il public, for the first time ever, has blamed the polls: Despite Nikita Pelizon had been given as a favourite, closely followed by Antonella Fiordelisi, it was Micol Incorvaia to win the second place for the final of the GF Vip 7.

A result that surprised everyone, starting with himself Alfonso Signorini, who deemed the outcome "amazing". An outcome which, moreover, was commented with acidity by Julia Salemi, who "subtly" accused the other contestants' fans of having poured their votes on Micol:

"This is also an analysis of groups. It also means that it is the groups that have come together. Because Antonella and Nikita have divided the votes. Instead for Micol the fans of Oriana and all the other girls have also joined. "

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GF Vip 7, Antonella Fiordelisi gets angry at the outcome of the televoting and the "Orietta Berti" hurricane hits her!

The discovery that I didn't become the second finalist, needless to say, infuriated Antonella Fiordelisi, who did not at all expect the audience to prefer her "enemy" to her.

This time, however, his show did not last long, because at one point Orietta Berti, tired of the attitude of the former sportswoman, she lunged at her:

"I started in this environment when I was 18. I traveled the world at 19 with my husband without knowing English. I've always worked only with education, respect for others, without showing off or bullying anyone. Neither with words, nor with arrogance. And I'm still here, on the threshold of 80 years, I work a lot and I'm respected by everyone. I'm telling you for the last time: you have to earn your bread with respect for others, it's not enough have a million followers."

As if that wasn't enough, the singer also attacked her for the way she treated her Edoardo Donnamaria, calling it "disrespectful":

"I never liked how you treated Edoardo, you treated him like a laughingstock, a little dog and I didn't like this thing. In life I have always admired polite people who earn their bread with a smile."

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GF Vip 7, Luca Onestini gets closer to Nikita Pelizon, but then he denies everyone

During the new live episode of GF Vip 7 there was also a lot of talk about rapprochement between Luca Onestini and Nikita Pelizon, which was also documented with video clips.

However, when these were broadcast during the evening, Luca Onestini made a terrified facewhich left everyone stunned.

A state of mind which, among other things, was also commented on by Alfonso Signorini:

"I read the terror in Onestini's eyes."

to which theex tronista of Men and Women, taken aback, explained the reason for his attitude:

"It's not terror. At Antonella's birthday we were all together. Alberto and I were listening to music and dancing. We stood there while Antonella and Nikita were there and we splashed. We are living together. The program is about to end. I know that there are some things I don't like but life is something else."

Also Nikita Pelizon she proved to be quite hesitant towards Luca Onestin, so much so that, like his ex boyfriend, ruled out a possible attendance outside the house. The reason? From Luca Onestin it is clear that there is no longer any interest in the ex, while on the part of Nikita Pelizon there is still too much attraction towards him so a friendship would be impossible.

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