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Gianna Nannini in Campania, concert at Palamaggiò

Gianna Nannini will land at Palamaggiò di Caserta (Via Sannitica - Castel Morrone) Tuesday April 16 2013 for its brand new 'Inno Tour 2013', on the starting point the 9 April with a live that will be held at the Exhibition Center of Morbegno (in the province of Sondrio). The real tourneè will start soon after, coonvolgendo the major Italian cities (at the bottom you will find the list of all dates).

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The rocker has entrusted his concerts with the task of promoting his last album, 'Inno', released last January 15 in the best record stores and digital stores. THE'album, eighteenth work in the studio, was recorded at the Abbey Road in London, in collaboration with Wil Malone, and contains several artistic partnerships, most notably 'Nostrastoria', a four-handed piece with Tiziano Ferro.

The first single extract responds to the name of 'The End of the World', already the standard head of radio rotations. Gianna Nannini presented the album as an invocation to the rebirth of a dead country, which can rise from its ashes through genuine efforts.

Returning to the Caserta stage, i prices of the tickets are the following: 51 + 7.65 for the numbered tribune and 37 + 5.55 for the unique place. We take this opportunity to remind you of the appointment set for 31 March 2013, which will see Eros Ramazzotti guest at Palamaggiò.

Gianna Nannini at Palamaggiò

Here is thelist complete with all the data of 'Inno Tour 2013':
Rome - 12 and 13 April
Caserta - 16 April
Florence - 18 and 19 April
Perugia - 22 April
Rimini - 23 April
Milan - 26 and 27 April
Turin - 30 April
Verona - 3 May

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