Day of memory 2018 in Naples: the program of events, shows and exhibitions

Candles lit for the Day of Remembrance in Naples
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On the occasion of the 2018 Remembrance Day in Naples there will be a rich program of events, shows and exhibitions.

On the occasion of 2018 Memorial Day, also the city of Naples will participate in the commemoration of the victims of the Shoah, organizing initiatives and events in different cultural places.

It is a moment of reflection and of I remember on one of the saddest and most atrocious pages in the history of mankind that the 27 January is remembered every year. Our city, however, always proposes a series of events that involve almost the whole week of the 27 January between exhibitions, shows, meetings and events that help us remember the victims of the Holocaust.

In addition, the annual recurrence is essential to sensitize the population on the importance of an event that marked the 900s and that must never be repeated.

Schedule of events

From 11 to 30 January - Castel dell'Ovo

The is set up exhibition of the contemporary painter Giorgio Sorel "The Circle of the Shoah", at the halls of the prisons of Castel dell'Ovo pto remember the obscene genocide. The visitor will be transported into a sensorial dimension, through a setting of gloomy colors.

Where: Castel dell'Ovo, Via Eldorado 3, Naples

Timetables: Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 18.30 - last entry to 18.00 | Sundays and holidays from 9.00 to 14.00 - last entry to 13.15

Price: free admission

More information.

January 24 - Institut Francais

At 19: 00 l'institut Francais of Naples will project the film on the big screen "Le dernier mètro" in Italian "The last subway", a masterpiece by the director Francois Truffaut.

Where: Via Francesco Crispi, 86

Schedule: 19.00

Price: price quotation

More information.

26, 27, 28 January - TRAM Theater

It will be on stage "Celeste" at the TRAM theater from . The play is centered on the figure of Celeste di Porto, called “Black Panther”, Kappler's spy in Rome. She was tasked with selling Jews to the regime for money, despite her being from a Jewish family. But things changed when her brother ended up on Kappler's list, but thanks to an exchange he was saved. After the regime the woman changed her identity and she moved to Naples. In 1947, however, she was recognized and sentenced to 12 years in prison too if she only served three years.

Where: Tram Theater, via Port'alba 30

Price: 10 €

Timetables: from Thursday to Saturday 21.00 | Sunday 18.00

Info: 342 1785930 (also whatsapp) | | More information

January 27 - Palazzo Venezia

In Palazzo Venezia in the historic center there is a concert by Mario Romano with the Quartieri Jazz Ensemble that will stage the album Quattro Giornate. It is a record that is inspired by the feeling of Union and Rebellion of September 1943 and which blends Neapolitan and gypsy manouche creating his particular personal style called Neapolitan Gispsy Jazz.

Where: Palazzo Venezia, via Benedetto Croce 19

Schedule: 21.30

Price: organizational contribution 15 euro

Info: Facebook event

January 27 - Royal Palace of Caserta

There will be aextraordinary opening of the Palace of Caserta of the attics and housing used by military troops. These are environments that have been used by soldiers since the beginning of the 900s and you can also see the graffiti left by the recruits of the Academy of the Guardia di Finanza.

Where: Royal Palace of Caserta, Viale Douhet, 2 / a - Caserta

Timetables: 10.00 - 11.00 - 12.00 - 15.30 - 16.30 - 17.30

Price: included in the entrance ticket, entire 12 euro and reduced 6 euro

More information.

2January 9 - Interuniversity Center for Bioethics Research

The Interuniversity Center for Bioethics Research (CIRB), the Ethics Committee and the Permanent Seminar Ethics Bioethics Citizenship of the University of Naples Federico II will organize, at the Department of Jurisprudence of the Federico II University a day that will be divided into two parts:

  • Part 1 from 9: 00 "The Tragedy of the Warsaw Ghetto and the mission of Irena Sendler"
  • Part 2 (15.00 hours) "I am a hybrid" Primo Levi and the cognition of the human

Where: Coviello Hall, via Porta di Massa, 32

Price: price quotation

Program of the Municipality of Naples


Friday 26 January - 09,00 hours
Via Luciana Pacifici - Borgo Orefici area
Deposition of a laurel wreath in memory of Luciana Pacifici, victim of racial laws.
Official ceremony with the participation of the Mayor Luigi de Magistris.

23 January - 23 February
Chamber of Commerce - Naples, Piazza Bovio
1938-1945 The persecution of Jews in Italy. Documents for a story
Inauguration - Tuesday 23 January - 15,00 pm
Documentary exhibition created by the Ministry of the Interior, Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration, and by the Prefecture of Naples.
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 09,00-13,00 and 14,00-16,00 hours; Friday 09,00-13,00 hours.
Free entry. Info and reservations:

Thursday 25, Monday 29, Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 January - 09,00-13,00 hours
Via Costantino 25, 80125 Naples
Educational and documentary exhibitions:
- The Jew as different. The anti-Semitic persecution in Italy.
- Trip to Auschwitz
- Story of a military internship in the concentration camps of the Third Reich.
Guided tours. Reservations are recommended for school visits
info and contacts: - tel. 081-621225 - e mail, -

Home page

from the 27 January
Pio Monte della Misericordia - Via dei Tribunali, 253
EXODUS # 2016 by Anne Goyer.
Info: 081 446944


Wednesday 24 January - 10.00 hours
Convent of San Domenico Maggiore - Sala del Capitolo
10.00 institutional greetings Nino Daniele - councilor for Culture and Annamaria Palmieri - councilor
to the school

  • 10.15 hours testimonials
    Guido D'Agostino - Campanian Institute for the History of the Resistance << Vera Lombardi >>
    Liana Nesta - lawyer - International protection of human rights Daniela Lourdes Falanga - Arcigay Naples for the rights of trans people
  • 11.00 movie screening Mussolini's speech in Trieste - September 1938 by the Institute
  • 11.30 am speech by Cristiano Migliorelli of the Istituto Luce
  • 11.45 hours debate and conclusions
  • 12.00 free visit to the itinerant exhibition Luce - The Italian Imaginary with photographs and films that tell Naples and Italy from the 20s to the present day.

Wednesday 24 January - 18.00 hours and 21.00 hours
Cinema Pierrot Theater, Ponticelli
screening of The Lady of the Warsaw Zoo by Niki Caro

Thursday 25 January - 10.00 hours
New Health Theater - Via S. Vincenzo, 1

  • hours 10.00 institutional greetings Simonetta Marino - Delegate for Equal Opportunities
  • 10.15 testimonies: Antonio Amoretti - Partisan of the Four Days of Naples, President of ANPI
    Ciro Raia - Campano Institute for the History of Resistance "Vera Lombardi" and ANPI School
    Antonella Capone - Arcilesbica Naples
    Ciro Moses D'Avino - Jewish Community of Naples
  • 11.00 am start of the show When the night is without stars by the Cultural Association
    Open Theater.
  • 12.15 hours testimonials
    Emma Ferulano - Association "Who Rom and .... Who no"
    Vincenzo Capuano - Suor Orsola Benincasa University - Toy Museum dedicated to
    Ernst Lossa, victim of Nazi eugenics and racial laws.
  • 12.45 hours debate and conclusions

Thursday 25 January - 17,30 hours
PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Naples - Palazzo Roccella, via dei Mille, 61
Presentation of the novel by Vittorio Lodging - Smiles elsewhere

Thursday 25 January - 18.00 hours and 21.00 hours
Cinema Pierrot Theater, Ponticelli
screening of The Lady of the Warsaw Zoo by Niki Caro

Friday 26 January - 09,30 hours
Naples Maritime Station - Galatea Hall
"Memoriae" project of the Valenzi Foundation and the ALI Association
Delivery of the "Stars of David"

Friday 26 January - 19,30 hours
Cinema Astra - via Mezzocannone
screening of the film Hidden pages, by Sabrina Varani (Italy, 2017, 67 ')

Saturday 27 January - 19,00 hours
Church of Sant'Agostino degli Scalzi at Materdei

Throughout the month of January - 9.30 am
Cinema Pierrot Theater, Ponticelli
Words of Memory - Voices on images not to forget
Cycle of meetings and films about Shoah, intolerance and racism, with the screening of "The journey of Fanny".

Information on the 2018 Memory Day in Naples

When: events from 11 to 30 January 2018

Where: various places in Naples

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