World Day to Fight AIDS, free “Tarallo and Test” in Naples

1 DECEMBER 2023 Tarallo and Test Day
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Il 1 December, At the World AIDS Day, Naples becomes the scene of a peculiar initiative of great social importance: “Tarallo and Test“. An event, organized in Piazza San Domenico, which aims to achieve the sraise public awareness on the topic of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), with a particular focus onHIV, and it does giving away of the taralli produced by LEOPOLDO.

Combining the local culinary culture to the importance of public health, “Tarallo e Test” is an emblematic example of how community initiatives can play a crucial role in prevention and information.

We remind everyone that modern therapies they allow patients to live an absolutely normal life and to arrive at “zero virality”, i.e a condition in which contagion of the virus is impossible, Then testing is essential in order to manage the disease in its initial stages.

What does the “Tarallo and Test” event consist of?

The beating heart of the initiative is the event “Tarallo and Test“, which will take place in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore. The scheduled times are from To 9 21 and during the day you will have the opportunity to carry out rapid, free and anonymous tests for HIV and Syphilis.

An activity made possible thanks to the support and commitment of organizations such as Antinoo Arcigay Naples e Pride Vesuvius Rainbow, with the support ofColli Hospital Company.

A fundamental aspect of “Tarallo e Test” is the involvement of volunteer medical staff ofCotugno hospital in Naples. Health professionals who will not only carry out the tests, but also provide essential information on screening, prevention, vaccines and on new prophylaxis PrEP and PEP. The initiative is therefore proposed as a moment of meeting between the community and healthcare professionals, encouraging an open and informed dialogue on STI issues.

The importance of Rapid Tests

I rapid tests play a fundamental role in the fight against HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections such as Syphilis. These tests, offered in a way free and anonymous during the “Tarallo e Test” event, they are an essential tool for early diagnosis. Timely diagnosis it is crucial not only to promptly start any treatments, but also to reduce the risk of transmission to third parties.

The availability of rapid tests in accessible places such as Piazza San Domenico increases the likelihood that more people will undergo screening. One aspect is particularly important in a context in which they persist cultural barriers and social stigma related to HIV and STIs. The efforts of organizations such as Antinoo Arcigay Naples e Pride Vesuvius Rainbow in making rapid tests easily accessible they highlight a commitment towards a more aware and less discriminatory society.

The taralli will be offered by LEOPOLDO

The event "Tarallo and Test” is not just an opportunity for public health, but also a moment of celebration of local Neapolitan culture. tarallo, an iconic element of the city's gastronomy, here becomes a symbol of the union between culture and prevention. While participants wait their turn for the test, they can enjoy a Neapolitan tarallo offered by the historic taralleria LEOPOLDO. This combination of food and public health is not only a way to make the wait more pleasant, but also represents an innovative strategy to attract a larger and more diverse audience.

Incorporating cultural elements into prevention and awareness initiatives is an approach that reinforces the message of public health, making it more welcoming and less intimidating. “Tarallo and Test” demonstrates how important information can be effectively conveyed about health and wellness through creative and engaging ways, which reflect the spirit and traditions of the community.

Awareness and Education

La fight against HIV and STIs is not only limited to the availability of rapid tests, but also requires constant commitment in terms of awareness and education. Antonello Sannino, President of Arcigay Antinous, highlights the need to fight taboos and prejudices related to sex and sexuality serophobia, i.e. the irrational fear of people living with HIV. This daily struggle is crucial to promote correct scientific knowledge and reduce discrimination.

In this context, Viviana Rizzo, health manager for Antinoo Arcigay Naples, underlines the importance of early diagnosis. Knowing your health condition in advance allows you not only to start any treatments promptly, but also to experience more peaceful relationships, in line with the principle U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable).

This principle emphasizes that people with HIV are on treatment and have suppressed viral load they cannot transmit the virus.

Data and Statistics on HIV in Italy and Campania

The data relating to the incidence ofHIV in Italy and, in particular, in Campania, highlight a situation that requires attention and targeted actions. According to theIstituto Superiore di Sanita, the incidence of new HIV diagnoses has been decreasing since 2012, with a more marked reduction between 2018 and 2020. Unfortunately, there has been a increase in the last two years, especially in the post-COVID-19 period.

In Campania, the incidence of new diagnoses of HIV infection is higher than the national average, with a peak in the age group 30 39-years. This data reflects a change compared to previous years, where the most affected group was that of 25 29-years. Another worrying aspect is theincrease in late diagnoses, particularly among male and female heterosexuals, signaling the need to intensify awareness and screening campaigns.

Statistics that underline the importance of initiatives such as “Tarallo e Test” to increase awareness about sexual health and encourage the population to undergo regular tests.

  • Where: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore Naples
  • When: Friday 01 December 2023, from 10:00 to 21:00
  • Price: the event is free
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