National ADSI Day, free visit to historic homes

Aragonese castle on the island of Ischia
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The Italian Historic Houses Association is organizing a new edition of the National Day, scheduled for Sunday 26 May. An initiative that opens the doors of over 550 monuments between castles, fortresses, villas, parks and gardens along the entire peninsula, offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Italian artistic and cultural heritage.

The ADSI National Day, now in its 14th edition, involves numerous organizations including the National Association of Memory Houses, the Italian Federation of Friends of Museums (FIDAM) and Federmatrimoni ed Eventi Privati ​​(Federmep). Under the patronage of ENIT – National Tourism Agency and Italian National Commission for UNESCO, this day celebrates Italy's immense private cultural heritage.

The importance of private cultural heritage

In Italy, private cultural heritage represents a fundamental resource with over 37 properties identified. More than 8.200 private homes they are usually open to the public, exceeding the number of Italian municipalities. A heritage that represents a strong cultural resource and a real one source of economic and social development. Historic homes contribute to the local economy through tourism, crafts and restoration, especially in small towns and rural areas.

The Campania residences open to the public

Here is the list of the various homes that can be visited.

The historic homes in the province of Avellino

  • Tenute Casoli, Candida: a historic residence that offers an authentic experience in the heart of Irpinia.
  • Villa Pandola Sanfelice, Lauro: located on the ancient walls of Lauro, surrounded by an avenue of orange and lemon trees.

Historic homes in the province of Benevento

  • Unfortunately, no historic homes are available for free visits in this province.

The historic homes in the province of Caserta

  • Palazzo Lanza, Capua: home of the Lanza family since 1453, located in the heart of the historic center of Capua.
  • Palace of Transo, Sessa Aurunca: 15th century residence located in the medieval part of Sessa Aurunca.

Historic homes in the province of Naples

  • Villa de Cillis Carafa, Torre del Greco: located in the Vesuvius National Park, close to the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.
  • Astapiana Villa Giusso, Vico Equense: built in 1600 as a Camaldolese monastery, it offers a panoramic view of Sorrento and the Gulf of Naples.
  • Aragonese Castle, Ischia: evidence of Greek, Roman and Aragonese civilisations, up to the Colonna dynasty.

The historic homes in the province of Salerno

  • Domus Laeta, Giungano: 17th century residence that retains the charm of the past.
  • Penta Tavern, Pontecagnano Faiano: originally a stopping station for carriages along the ancient consular road of Calabria.
  • Villa Wenner, Pellezzano: residence of the Wenner family, promoters of the textile industrial settlements in the Irno Valley.
  • Borgo Riccio, Torchiara: dominated by the fortress church of the SS. Salvatore from the 12th century, in the historic center of Torchiara.

La ADSI National Day it is an unmissable opportunity to discover and enhance our cultural heritage. To participate it is necessary to book the visit through the site

  • Where: Campania
  • When: Sunday May 26 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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