Giro di Italia, traffic device Giugliano in Campania 12 May

The 12 May 2024, Tour of Italy will cross Giugliano in Campania, attracting enthusiasts of Cycling Worldwide. To guarantee the safety and fluidity of the event, the Municipality has prepared an ordinance that regulates vehicular traffic and pedestrian. The measures adopted are essential to protect both athletes and spectators, while ensuring public order and urban mobility.

The Giro d'Italia also stops in Giugliano in Campania and Naples

The city of Giugliano in Campania is preparing to host one of the crucial stages of the Giro d'Italia. This unique occasion is a celebration of sport and community, which will see the city streets transformed into cycling routes for a day. The complete route involves the following stages:

  • Giugliano in Campania (Lago Patria)
  • Licola
  • Cuma
  • Fusaro
  • Torregaveta
  • Monte di Procida
  • bacoli
  • Mofete
  • Happy Arch
  • Pozzuoli
  • Piazzale Vincenzo Tecchio
  • I cheer
  • Via Giovanni Boccaccio
  • Via Caracciolo

The traffic device of May 12, 2024

For the day of the event, the Municipality of Giugliano in Campania has issued the following traffic provisions, crucial for its carrying out, for the day of Sunday May 12 2024:

Prohibitions and Restrictions:

  • Prohibition of vehicular transit:
    • Affected area: Via Domitiana (entire roadway, both directions)
    • Opening hours: From the 13.00 16.15
    • Vehicles excluded: Only vehicles authorized by the organization
  • Other restrictions:
    • Vehicle entry: Access from driveways and areas adjacent to the routes is prohibited
    • Pedestrian crossings: Prohibited on the race sections
    • Break: Prohibition with forced removal on Via Domitiana, from 11.00 to 17.00
  • Traffic Diversions:
    • From Via S. Nullo: detour onto Via Madonna del Pantano
    • From Via Ripuaria: detour onto Viale dei Pini Nord
    • From Via Staffetta and Asse Mediano: detour onto Via Lago Patria, direction Madonna del Pantano/SP1/Asse Mediano
    • Turn onto Via Lago Patria: for vehicles from the Median Axis towards Via Domitiana (height of Via Scipione L'Africano)
  • Where: Giugliano in Campania
  • When: Sunday May 12 2024
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