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It will be a month of great yeast in Naples, with the start of the exhibition “June Youth 2024”. Our city will come alive with a series of events dedicated to young people, organized by them and for them. A unique opportunity to express creativity and talents through shows, concerts, exhibitions and conferences in every corner of the city, from youth centers to squares, from museums to parks, up to sports facilities.

The meaning of June young people

June Youth is much more than just a series of events, it represents an opportunity for young people to express your creativity and to feel an integral part of the community. An event that offers a platform where young people can share their passions and talents in different fields, from music to visual arts, from photography to writing.

The program of June events for young people in Naples

The complete program developed by the Municipality of Naples is available in PDF, below are the most relevant events.

18 June – artistic illustration workshop

Il 18nd June, another event organized by the Cooperative Dedalus: artistic illustration workshop. This workshop will focus on the creation of small illustrated subjects, designed together with the participants, which will then be transformed into artist gadgets. Illustrator and designer Ali Murtaza will provide creative insights, demonstrating how an illustration can be coherent and communicative.

  • Location: Officine Gomitoli Intercultural Center, Piazza Enrico de Nicola, 46

22 June – educational cruises and sailing trips

Il 22nd June, Italian Naval League Delegation San Giovanni a Teduccio organize the educational cruises and sailing trips. This experience offers young people and citizens the opportunity to learn the basics of navigation and enjoy a day at sea.

  • Location: Industria Beach, San Giovanni a Teduccio

June 23rd – procession by the sea – Saint John to be loved

Il 23nd June the historic event will be held Sea procession in honor of Saint John the Baptist, now in its 21st edition. This initiative, organized by Italian Naval League Delegation San Giovanni a Teduccio, involves not only young people but all citizens, with a moment of dedication to the Patron Saint. Participants will embark from the Darsena Acton and the port of Portici to reach the point where the statue of San Giovanni Battista is located, brought back to the surface by the divers of the S. Erasmo Centre.

  • Location: Industria Beach, San Giovanni a Teduccio

June 27 – music and inclusion

Il 27nd June, At Casa Glò, the cooperative The Major Hour promotes a day dedicated to music and inclusion. The event includes a live music workshop where participants will have the opportunity to share time with young people with disabilities who attend the centre. It will also be possible to visit the confiscated property and listen to a testimony on its social reuse.

  • Location: Casa Glò, Via Petrarca, 50

28-30 June – sound silences \ lamusica tells its story XNUMXrd edition

From 28 30 to June, Asterix Youth Center will host the youth music festival Sound Silences \ Lamusica tells its story, now in its third edition. This event, organized by Callystoarts, unites musical dissemination e artistic performance, involving around 60 young musicians from local academies and musical associations.

  • Location: Asterix Youth Center, Via Domenico Atripaldi, 52, San Giovanni a Teduccio
  • Where: Napoli
  • When:
    • Tuesday June 18 2024
    • Saturday June 22 2024
    • Sunday June 23 2024
    • Thursday June 27 2024
    • Friday June 28 2024
    • Saturday June 29 2024
    • Sunday June 30 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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