The former Antonella Fiordelisi support Edoardo: what they say

Some ex boyfriends of Antonella Fiordelisi

In response to the recent crisis between Antonella Fiordelisi e Edoardo Donnamaria, Antonella's ex-partners have expressed their views on the end of their relationship. This development has sparked a number of reactions among social media enthusiasts.

The crisis started when Antonella Fiordelisi she expressed her difficulty in handling the situation with Edoardo, citing his refusal to appear in public with her as a source of discomfort. Hence the question and answer social and the end of their relationship.

The Reactions of Antonella Fiordelisi's Ex-Partners

Antonella Fiordelisi's ex-partners, including Francesco Chiofalo e Gianluca Benincasa, have weighed in on the matter. Francesco Chiofalo, in particular, has defended Edoardo Donnamaria, claiming that the young Roman was telling the truth.

According to Chiofalo, Antonella Fiordelisi has a unhealthy relationship with i social media, referring to Instagram in particular. He expressed his concern about Antonella's constant attention on the phone, noting how her constant presence on social media was affecting her personal life. Revealing his previous experience with Antonella Fiordelisi, Chiofalo stressed that he had experienced a similar situation with her in the past. He then invited Antonella to stop "crying without tears" and to make a "scene".

Also Gianluca Benincasa, another ex-partner of Antonella Fiordelisi, expressed his opinion on the matter, replacing Edoardo Donnamaria in this moment of crisis.

"I don't know why you marvel at something so obvious...Now there will be victimhood and executioners..enjoy the fools."

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: instagram profile @francescochiofalo_ + @gianluca_benincasa__
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