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Naples Global Forum 2001: prescription for all policemen

The Court of Naples established that there will be no convictions: for the ten policemen that, in the 2001, they were accused of abuses and beatings against the demonstrators during the Global Forum that was held in Naples, the prescription was taken.

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The case concerns what happened inside the Raniero barracks and the facts were reported by citizens and belonging to the no-global movement. In an attempt to overcome the "red zone"The demonstrators were arrested and taken to the barracks to be identified and, in the first instance, some agents and two officials were accused of kidnapping. Still in the first degree, however, they went into prescription the hypotheses of crime for private violence, injuries, abuse of office and forgery.

For the power of attorney, the demonstrators, 85 for accuracy, were beaten and "kept segregated", but the Cassation and Review had canceled the order for this hypothesis of crime.
The same no-global network exhibited a "white book on the beatings"Gathering the signatures and testimonies of the youth of the Raniero barracks.

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Today, however, the news of the prescription leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and also the mayor De Magistris he said he was dissatisfied. On Twitter we read: "Prescription beatings and abuse in Raniero barracks in Naples (Global Forum 2001). Another sad page for democracy"

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